Vending Machines NFT

Vending Machines NFT
3 min readJan 13, 2022

Just as traditional vending machines took the trust out of the sale of goods. We would like to take that same approach to investing but with the innovation of smart contracts. Smart contracts execute automatically without human interaction the same way a vending machine executes sales without human interaction. You’ll have no trouble trusting us, because you won’t have to.

The Vending Machines is an $AVAX NFT project blazing the way in passive income. They have already airdropped gorillas, hats, tycoons, and comics to their investors. This is in addition to the $AVAX rewards you also acquire from mint + market sales. VMN is moving their project into the Metaverse! Looking to have Vending Machines located on every street corner in every verse that matters, and the progress has been astounding.

Our Metaverse isn’t going to be just another art gallery, but a fully immersive, customizable, blockchain-dependent metaverse.

Maintenance Guide:

The 2 $AVAX buy-in will begin providing instant returns in the form of NFT airdrops.

Then, you will begin earning mint and market sales rewards. 10% from mint sales is shared with holders. The earlier you mint the more rewards are going to accumulate. With this function, your investment of 2 $AVAX is already reduced as more mints come in. Essentially, your average cost per mint drops with each new sale. This is to reward earlier investors only, and is not intended to provide the full ROI.

Finally, our main utility will be building a Metaverse on the Avalanche blockchain. From mint sales 30% is being utilized in the development our own metaverse! With the Metaverse as our main goal VMN holders will own lands in our metaverse, as well as having priority access on all future NFT items that will be created for the metaverse! Our metaverse is a fully immersive world where the VMN holder reigns supreme. We plan on making the Vending Machine a staple on every corner of digital real estate that matters.

Market Share:

This can easily be claimed right on our own marketplace. Your share is 1.5% of sales which is divided amongst all holders. If you own multiple Vending Machine NFTs you will receive a larger slice of the pie. As the sales volume increases so will the share per VMN. This isn’t the cake just the icing on top.


  • Launched our website, social media accounts, and marketplace.
  • Kick started the first marketing campaign.
  • Deployed smart contracts to the Avalanche network.
  • Purchased land in Sandbox Metaverse as an investment for the project.
  • First donation was made to
  • Rewards from secondary sales began distributing.
  • Airdropped Gorillas, Hats, Tycoons, and Comics to all VMN hodlers.
  • Commenced building Metaverse!

Future Plans:

  • Start testing metaverse on testnet.
  • Release videos and materials about Metaverse testing.
  • MORE AIRDROPS to VMN holders! (Metaverse Items)
  • Release of the $VMN coin tokenomics.
  • $VMN coin and staking launch.
  • Vending Machines injected into metaverses.
  • Distribute parcels to VMN holders from the Vending Machines MetaVerse!
  • More Airdrops! (Future NFT projects)
  • Integrate IRL businesses into our MetaVerse!

We are bringing utility to the Avalanche blockchain in a major way. The Vending Machine team is very active on all social media platforms, and we love to talk to the community!

Some of our best ideas have come from our OG family. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to reach out to us.







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