Vending Machines NFT


  • Launched our website, social media accounts, and marketplace.
  • Kick started the first marketing campaign.
  • Deployed smart contracts to the Avalanche network.
  • Purchased land in Sandbox Metaverse as an investment for the project.
  • First donation was made to
  • Rewards from secondary sales began distributing.
  • Airdropped Gorillas, Hats, Tycoons, and Comics to all VMN hodlers.
  • Commenced building Metaverse!

Future Plans:

  • Start testing metaverse on testnet.
  • Release videos and materials about Metaverse testing.
  • MORE AIRDROPS to VMN holders! (Metaverse Items)
  • Release of the $VMN coin tokenomics.
  • $VMN coin and staking launch.
  • Vending Machines injected into metaverses.
  • Distribute parcels to VMN holders from the Vending Machines MetaVerse!
  • More Airdrops! (Future NFT projects)
  • Integrate IRL businesses into our MetaVerse!



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