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VNT WEEKLY, August 19

This is the weekly report of VNT Chain in which you will find about the latest project updates, community news and development progress. It would be a great honor for us to share exciting news and build the ecology with you!

Project Updates

1. On August 16, Zhou Feng, co-founder of VNT Chain, attended the first phase of BRC Talk hosted by Bisheng Capital, and shared his views and confidence on VNT Chain's first proposed aggregation chain architecture. The dialogue was hosted by Bisheng Capital, and VNT Chain, Le Block, VBOOM and other five project parties. In addition to the traditional project representative speech session, the project review Talk Show was added, and industry celebrities or institutional representatives were invited to form a jury. The group, in the form of a tit-for-tat deep dialogue, stood in a new perspective and looked at the project in multiple dimensions.

In the speech session, Zhou Feng expressed his own understanding: VNT Chain’s aggregate chain architecture is the most architectural form that fits the business scene. At the technical level, VNT Chain has realized three industry firsts, the core of which is the proposal of the aggregation chain architecture, realizing the information exchange between consortium chain and public chain and that between consortium chains through the “consortium chain + cross-chain + public chain” architecture.

2. On August 16, “VNT Chain White Paper Analysis Series” continued to serialize. Series 7 introduced the characteristics of side chain mechanism data independence, asset transfer, side chain security, etc., and explained that VNT Chain supports side chain, and it has the advantages of alleviating VNT_P pressure, data isolation, making application development more convenient, and the guarantee of VNT_P security. At last, the mechanism of the VNT Chain aggregation chain combined with the side chain is proposed, and it will provide a more convenient and low-cost value circulation service for the distributed economy in a more open and friendly manner for various developers and industry applications.

Community News

1.Recently, the Hackthon Contest BitRun, which is technically supported by VNT Chain, will be launched at the end of this month! Dr. Huang Butian, the co-founder of VNT Chain, the founder of Yunphant Blockchain, and the founder of China Computer Society Blockchain Committee, invited you to participate in the competition to witness the birth of the next “Satoshi Nakamoto”! Registration method: Reply “杭州黑客松” to the official WeChat Account.

2. The fourth stop of the VNT Chain global roadshow is being actively prepared. Which city is it specifically for? Please keep an eye on our WeChat public account. Let me see your cheers, my friends!

Development Progress

Consensus Module

1. Consensus prototype development — 70% Completed

2. Witness management function development – 25% Completed

3. Pre-research of Verifiable random function application pre-research in consensus prototype – 10%

4. Pre-research of the application of BFT in consensus prototype – 10% Completed

Smart Contract Module

1. Smart Contract Language Prototype Development (Compiler features being improved and tested) –85% completed

2. Research on smart contract formalization demonstration program—65% Completed

3. WASM-based virtual machine prototype development — 95% Completed (Refactoring db data storage rules and exception handling mechanisms.)

4. Gas Design — 75% Completed

P2P Module

1. Management refinement of network scheduling layer node link state –60% Completed

2. Analyze event calls in the P2P layer and improve the internal API – 10% Completed

3. Transaction transmission and block synchronization sub-protocol extension –20% Completed

4. After the node is restarted, the data is restored, and the original host ID is maintained, and the K bucket data can be restored.

Cross Chain

1. Hash lock technology pre-research – 10% Completed

2. Notary public technology research – 20% Completed

3. Side chain technology pre-research – 10% Completed

Consortium Chain

1. Stability test of the Consortium Chain Raft — 100% Completed

2. The Performance test of the Consortium Chain Raft — 100% Completed

3. New round of functional test of consortium chain Raft – 20 % Completed

4. Consortium chain state encryption algorithm Development — 95% Completed

5. The integration test of Consortium chain block backup archive function -- 100% completed

6. The development of log module function of consortium chain, Joint adjustment is being processed —100% Completed

7. The development of front-end of developer platform — 100% Completed

8. The joint adjustment of front-end and back-end of developer platform — 30% Completed

9. Research on the technical design of zero-knowledge proof — 45% Completed

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