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VNT WEEKLY, September 9

This is the weekly report of VNT Chain in which you will find about the latest project updates, community news and development progress. It would be a great honor for us to share exciting news and build the ecology with you!

Project Updates

1. On the afternoon of September 2, the first BitRun Hackathon supported by VNT Chain, was officially closed in Hangzhou Xixi Valley. After 48 hours of intense competition and collision with physical and intellectual skills, nearly 100 computer technology and token economic design talents from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, Tongji University, Wuhan University, Imperial College, IBM, and Huobi Research Institute and other well-known universities and research institutes domestically and abroad showed their unlimited creativity.

After the fierce competition and wonderful display, the industry experts conducted an objective, comprehensive and professional technical and commercial evaluation of works of the participating teams. Among the four award-winning teams, "ZJU-Incas", who won the second place, designed a smart contract online service platform based on VNT developer platform, allowing users to perform formalization security verification on the platform. This not only shows the efforts of VNT Chain in the development of blockchain technology and the infrastructure construction, but also highlights the high commercialization possibility of the VNT developer platform.

The empowerment of BitRun hackathon is only a start. In the future, VNT Chain will focus on building a technical community, injecting more energy into the blockchain infrastructure technology polishing and technical community construction, allowing more technical talents to develop products through VNT Chain and constantly release fresh new power.

2. The VNT Chain developer platform is coming online! VNT's consortium chain application development platform is designed to provide developers with blockchain infrastructure services, node status monitoring, block information display, smart contract management, etc. Currently, the platform provides consensus and accounting services, and the SDK is packaged as a RESTful interface. Developers only need to develop their own chaincode and DApp according to the interface, and can complete the blockchain access without deploying and maintaining the blockchain network.

Community News

1. The 1st anniversary of “September 4” Campaign, “Don’t talk, just touch me” has begun! The prizes are not only VNT culture shirts, Master Kong instant noodles, but also Wujiang mustard spicy suit! The number of participants in the event was as high as 2,000, and the number of winners was nearly 1,000! Are you regretful if you were not involved?

2. The 4th stop of the VNT Chain global roadshow is being actively prepared. Which city is it specifically for? Please keep an eye on our WeChat public account. Let me see your cheers, my friends!

Development Progress

Consensus Module

1. Consensus prototype development — 90% Completed

2. Witness management function development – 70% Completed

3. Pre-research of Verifiable random function application pre-research in consensus prototype – 40%

4. Pre-research of the application of BFT in consensus prototype – 65% Completed

5. Integrated BFT plan design—50% Completed

Smart Contract Module

1. Smart Contract Language Prototype Development (Run through the entire process, and WASM can be compiled) –100% completed

2. The contract language compiler is being modified, extending the int64 and float64 types, perfecting static calls and recursive calls – 20% Completed

3. Wasm compatibility test for smart contract programming –50% Completed

4. Research on smart contract formalization demonstration program—80% Completed

5. WASM-based virtual machine prototype development — 100% Completed (Debugging finished)

6. Optimize virtual machine exception handling mechanism—50% Completed

7. Optimize the access of map – 80% Completed

8. Support struct – 70% Completed

9. Improve Array – 50% Completed

10. Wavm supports the pre-research of uint256 – 25% Completed

11. Gas Design — 85% Completed

12. Design of WASM Virtual Machine Decoupling Scheme — 15% Completed

13. ABI generation tools support map and array — 15% Completed

14. Scheme design of contract secondary compilation — 10% Completed

P2P Module

1. Management refinement of network scheduling layer node link state –95% Completed

2. Analyze event calls in the P2P layer and complete the internal api of peerinfo – 80% Completed

3.Transaction transmission and block synchronization sub-protocol extension –70% Completed

4. Protocol modification based on libp2p data structure -- 60% Completed

5. Blacklist function development of network layer– 25% Completed

6. Intranet penetration function development of network layer — 10% Completed

7. Reader modification of protocol layer — 25% Completed

Cross Chain

1. Hash lock technology pre-research – 65% Completed

2. Hash lock scheme demo verification – 35% Completed

3. Notary public technology pre-research – 45% Completed

4. Side chain technology pre-research – 35% Completed

5. Combination of ring signature technology and notary public technology—30% Completed

Consortium Chain

1. The first round of functional testing of the Consortium Chain 1.1 version– 45% Completed

2. The joint adjustment of front-end and back-end of developer platform — 85% Completed

3. First round of functional testing of Developer platform — — 100% Completed

4. Second round of functional testing of Developer platform — 30% Completed

5. Stability test of developer platform — 10% Completed

6. Research on the technical design of zero-knowledge proof — 55% Completed

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