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When it comes to software development, your pool of choice of technologies is nearly as big as Amazon’s product catalogue. Wikipedia lists 700, yes seven times hundred, programming languages. Some of them are so strange, that the group they belong to are called “Esoteric” languages.

Take this:

 ..+++.>++.<<+++++++++++++++.>.+++. — — — . — — — — .>+.

That’s how “Hello, World!” is written in programming language called “BrainFuck”. Uhum, that’s an official name of it.

Lucky enough, out of 700 languages there are some that have proven their usability over time. The diversity of the languages is basically related to their preference of being used in some certain domains, where they are most applicable. For instance C/C++ is the most favorite languages for network and telecommunication projects, since it enables developers to work at low levels, nearly sending instructions to CPU directly, with minimal interactions with Kernel.

On the other side, there is an entire category of “high level” programming languages that do not really care about computer internals and are more oriented on building feature-rich and friendly applications.

Think of this like how car is being assembled. You can’t ask an transmission engineer to work on interior design. Because his instruments cut iron and he thinks about all of those gears and that’s a good thing he is gear oriented. You need a really good gear engineer to have a reliable transmission.

But if you are a person who drives a Porsche without much fascinations of how engine and transmission works, probably you will be the one who will give great credit to the leather master and the to the guy who created that ergonomic bionic seats that have same shape as your spine and back and thanks to what driving this sports racer all day is a pure joy.

That’s basically how developers are divided. Some are focused on internals and serverside staff and some are focused on user interface and care much about user experience. They are called backend developers and frontend developers. And they have their own dedicated tools and instruments.

This GIF sums up perfectly the way these two types perceive the world.

Designer versus Developer

However, humans are creative and some top engineers decided: “why the heck this burden? One app — one language!” — Welcome to the world of JavaScript.

JavaScript vs 700 programming languages:

There is a saying: “if something can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript”. Because it really is a very flexible, handy environment.

JavaScript is an ecosystem. It has its own frameworks and implementations. And it has them for backend and frontend so you can be a wizard and use SAME language to write frontend and backend code!

Hence, now you don’t need to mix frontend and backend technologies. No headache with begging PHP developer to do some work for Angular guy so your project doesn’t get stalled. No worries regarding your heavy duty needs for Machine Learning and being obliged to use Python. No “must use .Net if you have Windows hosting”…

This is all now history. And a history that will be forgotten fast.

Now everything is cross-platform. And with JavaScript, everything is cross-everything :)

JavaScript is a “high level” programming language with greatest impact on web and mobile industry. You can write frontend code in React.js, copy it on server side with Node.js framework and even copy it into React Native projects.

What will you get? Do this with PHP and what you get will be the debugger saying “Go F&ck yourself!”.

Do this with JavaScript and you’ll get web and mobile application from the same source code with all the front and back done! Literally saying.

This would have been a science fiction for the industry few years ago, but thanks to the huge JS community and big corps like Google and Facebook and now it’s possible.


The article editor didn’t let us to put a cool sunglasses emoji here. VOBI is JavaScript dedicated elite crew of developers. We use one language for all layers for your apps.

  • Is it a project management app?
  • Is it an e-commerce platform?
  • Is it a UI/UX rich app?
  • Is it a big data tool?
  • Is it a whatever it is!
$ sudo apt install nodejs npm!

Apart of the above mentioned reasons, which make development fun, there are more technical aspects due to which we are eager to be JS jedis.

We’ll discuss few of them in a brief manner. If you want to know more for your project, reach us via email. Also we recommend you to take a short course in development, from business stakeholder’s perspective. Believe us, it will come handy one day. The future is digital!

So here are some reasons we favor JavaScript so much:

  • Community support:
    JavaScript is the most beloved programming language and has the greatest community. So no matter what you need, JS has you covered, since the community makes sure JS keeps up with demand in terms of supporting your diverse needs.
Most popular languages among professional developers
  • Customers are sophisticated:
    Yes, today’s customers are not like they used to be 10 years ago. They know modern trends. And it would have been strange if they did not. On LinkedIn, at Facebook, in your Google News app, customers get much info about what technologies are the top-notch. They are tech-savvy. They have developer friends or colleagues from hi-tech startups and know which tech to select and which to avoid. That’s why those who want to build a business or a productivity app — choose JavaScript
Technologies that are mostly wanted by modern customers
  • Big brothers prefer JavaScript:
    Facebook and Google are the user facing software giants. They know user experience is the key of success for any product. That’s why Facebook advocates React.js and Google invests heavily in Angular.js. Google also managed to port entire machine learning on JS by introducing TensorFlow.js, something that was nearly exclusive to Python.
  • SDK and API:
    If your app doesn’t need some 3rd party service integrations, probably you are doing something wrong :) When it comes to connecting diverse applications with API, JavaScript is the ultimate winner. From IBM Watson to Facebook’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) machine learning tool, you can harness nearly everything and bring top services at our disposal.
  • Cost efficiency:
    Applications built in JavaScript can be easily maintained by one good full stack JS developer. Here we mean not only front- and backend of web app, but also mobile application built with React Native. So you don’t have to chase frontend guy while your business partner is chasing the backend guy. Believe us, in long-run this will save you a lot of funds and nerves.


Despite the fact that now you know why JavaScript is the best option to build web and mobile apps, yet many factors might indicate that other technologies are better fit for your needs. If you have a project and can’t still decide which way to go, ping us, we will be glad to help.

In addition, always keep in mind — don’t save money on proper tech. Don’t build your app cheaply on outdated stack today, or you’ll end up spending a lot in coming years, trying to find the relevant developer. Trust the statistics, our experience and world wisdom — Go Reactive!