What was it like when you were in school? Did you repeat lines in unison with the class? Did you write with a pen, pencil and paper? Did you use a desktop computer at school, or did you bring your own laptop? …

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By VR Days Europe, with Faye Maidment, CMO at Facemoji

This year we’ve seen an explosion of Virtual Beings across education, entertainment, enterprise and training verticals. These beings have not only changed the way we do things, but also how we perceive our own realities. Virtual beings have lost the age old stigma of uncultured robots that lack familiarity and sentimentality, and have graduated to 21st century vehicles for human empathy and compassion. …

The immersive nature of XR is a challenge to those accustomed to creating narratives in traditional media. Films, theatrical productions and art works are written, directed and created as if the audience is looking through a window from one particular point of view. XR, on the other hand, is a completely 360 experience. Creators must become elaborate world builders, filling a larger space and considering an audience who could be looking anywhere at any given time.

How can XR break away from these traditional writing perspectives and break the boundaries of 2D narrative? How are sensory and synesthetic tools used for storytelling with multi-sensory design? VR narrative goes beyond the hardware and software itself. …

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