Creating digital twins for next gen VR training at Howest

by HOWEST, DAEresearch, Dana, Picanol, CNH industrial, Barco, Cronos at the Leie — Dana & Picanol case

Howest Digital Arts & Entertainment is anticipating the future by taking VR training to the next level together with world class manufacturing companies such as Dana, Picanol, CNHindustrial, Barco and system integrator Cronos aan de leie. We mix game technology with corporate content to engage digital natives in new training experiences and develop innovative training solutions.

The recipe is simple:

  1. Scan your workplaces
  2. Mix in your CAD models
  3. Enjoy a virtual assembly training in a digital twin of your production line

Take a sneak peek:

We tested our applications with over a hundred operators of different partners. They were thrilled with the experience and are in for more.

So we started a new project focusing on pipeline development, scalability and self-reliance for the manufacturing companies to generate their own training.

We are looking forward to take this up with global partners through our VRFirst network. With the growth program we are expanding our VR/AR lab, and together we are working on a VR/AR center of excellence.

This project has been selected as one of the Auggie Breakthrough Awards finalists. You can take a look at their nomination page here.