I moved to San Francisco from the Midwest to pursue my interest of VR investing. The Midwest ties into my VR investment thesis quite well because when I am pitched a VR startup by a founder, I ask myself;

“how many years do I expect it to take until this VR startup is used by my friends & family back in the midwest?”

This question has repeated over and over in my head. My friends and even my Mom have began to read www.UploadVR.com on a consistent basis. In fact, one of my friends from the midwest just ordered a…

Not far from my desk chair is a button, when I click that button a second screen appears. When I click it again a third screen appears. I can expand the size of the screen to the size of the wall. And data seems to holographically come out of the screen. Then I take the headset off. Judging from VR applications like Virtual Desktop or BigScreen for Oculus, I think desktop based VR will soon (~2–5 years) be capable of replacing Word, Excel, Powerpoint.

Word: Once the problem of reading text in VR is solved (described in below link), Word…

Would you agree or disagree with this statement?: “The ultimate winner in live-action-sports-VR will be a company that captures players and the field/court using light field technology & micro sensors within jerseys.”

~I love when people disagree bc it helps to speed up my understanding ~ email me at Don@virtualrealityinvestment.com with feedback please.

I can imagine a world where Lytro cameras are located at all corners of a sports stadium. Broadcasting live to viewers at home a perfect representation of the game and players. The advantage of light field: Viewers from home could not only look around in 360 from…

This is amazing. You can almost feel the momentum building of Moore’s Law if you read each use-cases in chronological order.

  1. Content

Virtual Reality technology is working today and is at a high enough quality for mass adoption. However, the industry faces a chicken and egg problem: Currently there are not yet enough pieces of quality content to justify the average consumer purchasing a headset, but there is also not enough potential headsets sold yet for content creators to justify large production budgets. There are huge money making opportunities for companies if they can figure out a way to overcome this first chicken and egg problem.

2. Costs

The second chicken and egg problem we face is that hardware manufacturers need…

Imagine a world where this 5-year-old child will grow up.

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