Ultimate winner in VR Live Action Sports

Would you agree or disagree with this statement?: “The ultimate winner in live-action-sports-VR will be a company that captures players and the field/court using light field technology & micro sensors within jerseys.”

~I love when people disagree bc it helps to speed up my understanding ~ email me at Don@virtualrealityinvestment.com with feedback please.

I can imagine a world where Lytro cameras are located at all corners of a sports stadium. Broadcasting live to viewers at home a perfect representation of the game and players. The advantage of light field: Viewers from home could not only look around in 360 from different vantage points — but because the game was captured using lightfield the players have actual 3D dimensions and shape to them. This allows the viewer at home to put on a VR headset and move freely around the 3D stadium just as she/he would in real life.

At VRLA this year I demo’d a somewhat similar company that uses “tags or other optical technology” to track live players. I was located in Los Angeles in the real world, but using a VR headset was able to walk around a soccer game happening in Europe just as if I was there.But better, why? Because you can not just walk around and take field-side seats, you can walk directly on the field and sit inside of the net as your favorite players try to sneak one past the goal keeper. (I did this).

video: http://www.virtuallylive.com/

Overall there is a huge opportunity for an investor to take a long bet on a company that is able to bring this experience of replicating the stadium and players in live action on a 1:1 rendering.

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