The dilemma of being me

NOTE: What I write is entirely my opinion and people are encouraged to read others thoughts with an open mind.

What is the purpose of education these days? The system in place is more like a business, a money-spinning scam, which dumbs down students individual and creative spirits to produce lobotomized, unquestioning (not all people though) beings who are taught that their role is to (from a general view-point)

=> get an ‘education’ => get a ‘job’ (albeit in academia or industry, from an engineering viewpoint)

=> start a ‘family’ => spend on ‘children’ (this line is conditional)

=> save for ‘old age’ => become ‘old’ =>

[depend on their ‘children’ to take care of them (because they invested all their ‘money’ on their children so that their children will look after them when they are close to ‘death’) or not] (depends on the conditional statement above)

=> ‘die’ => the ‘cycle’ is continued over and over again (it’s a sickening pattern in my opinion).

The flowchart above can be critiqued extensively at each and every step, but through this post, I would like to subtly (indirectly) expose the biggest scam since the barter system, the existence of a commodity termed ‘money’ (which drives the general public to do what they do).

One question: Why are homo-sapiens the only species required to ‘pay’ to live on this planet, we call ‘Earth’? [By the way, it’s obvious when I point it out, but has anybody paused to observe that ‘earth’ is an anagram for ‘heart’ => SO MANY RAMIFICATIONS EXIST (Mind-blowing ones, will discuss in later posts)]

Next question: Imagine a utopian scenario where ‘money’ doesn’t exist and hence children, when they are born, are free to do whatever they want (no societal pressure or parental pressure, assuming that this utopian scenario has been in existence for few centuries). People are born, peacefully co-exist with each other,

=> no money => no banks => no governments => no nations => no borders => no wars => no discrimination, etc., etc.

then what do people born in this world do with their lives? What would constitute an ‘education’ in such an omniverse?

Children would be taught to sustain themselves by growing their own food. People will learn to trust and respect others. People would spend a lot more time understanding themselves (‘existentiality’ — I just coined that term (have to do a plagiarism check later :P), the miracles of the human body, the potential of the human mind (it can be harnessed energetically to communicate telepathically, telekinesis, heal others through the power of intention, so on and so forth)) and in this framework, people would tend to question everything (a metaphysical and philosophical world).

Now let’s transpose this ideal education system (in my view) to ‘ our’ ‘ practical’, ‘materialistic’ world. We can still do all of the above, but our societal upbringing would cause us to firstly question our sustenance in ‘monetary’ aspects and therein lies my predicament.

What I want to do and what I need to do to ensure independent sustenance are different but not conflicting notions and hence my dilemma…

The day, the sciences start investigating non-physical phenomena, would be the day we start making inroads into understanding ourselves and in turn this world, which has eluded us for millenia — Tesla

Confusions of a confused mind.

Happy New Year!!

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