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Huston, We have a problem.

We can’t see the forest for the trees. By ‘trees’ I mean the News feeds and video streams. There’s just too much stuff to cope with.

Our memory is limited. Do you remember the best paper/ post/ book that you finished reading last week? Can you recall the valuable lesson you took from it? have you written it down?

Bombarded with information, our Brain struggle to navigate the endless forests and the Oceans of streaming channels. How can we tackle this problem? How can we make technology work for us, instead of serving the content- dragon machine?

Gamification Candy 🍬

I love to surf twitter’s news stream. I decided to create our own news anchor in the form of a curated Newsletter. Hence, I’ve explored several automation curation platforms, like (@TwtTimes) , (@scoopit) and (@SmallRivers). Choose to go with

Let’s Game!

First, I’ve explored the free version:

Then, decided we’ll go pro version (for 9$ per month), given the additional features paper,il afford. We brain-stormed for the right title and Whala!

Gamification Candy🍬

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On Riot Games blue essence, lessons for Start Ups, Gamification apps for Health, and more inspiration stuff. Stay Tuned…

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Hanan Gazit, Ph.D. Founder at juloot interactive is a Gamification Specialist & Strategist.

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