Alright, let’s do it together. You are not an expert on VR? Good, me neither.

Here’s an opportunity to learn, put ourselves back on the track of technology and to go even further developing our expertise.

Courtesy of Alvin Wang Graylin, China Regional President of VR for HTC

I’m writing from Hong Kong and I’ve heard about the HTC Vive VR Cafe in Shenzhen here and there (not in Taipei), yet I haven’t been able to locate it. Should I claim that it doesn’t exit and that it’s another Pizza Box / Video projector story — truth.

I’m interested to check it out and will bring back to you video content if I manage to nail it. I will also talk about Music & Documentaries, sometimes. Did you know that Abba had announced a “virtual experience” tour dates for 2018? Don’t freak out, Abba is great, but music-wise I shine the light on bands and musicians which I feel desire greater exposure only.

I also want to talk to the Marketing/Event professionals, how can VR become impactful, memorable and successfully integrated within your digital campaign or experiential marketing?

Starting with this informative video from Mbryonic showcasing 10 ‘best’ uses of VR in Marketing. From hiking boots brand taking you on a journey to a dangerous mountain hike to a complicated exercise of filming an interview of Michelle Obama, offering VR environment and motion graphic on top, which was brought to you by The Verge.

Enough for now, I’ll leave you with Thomas Pesquet, french European Space Agency astronaut who left earth last month on November 19th and keep posting daily incredible pictures and comments, feet in the air.

Lake in the Andes © Thomas Pesquet