Panasonic has got a new prototype of VR headset

Panasonic headset prototype

The Prototype of Panasonic headset demonstrated during CES had uniquely positioned lenses. Panasonic VR headset has a 220 degree FOV prepared from four displays. This allows to have more 220 degree range. The device is believed to be obtainable in 2018.

The user might be confused which are the advantages of this headset comparing to others . As Mike Felmy, who was one of demonstrators showing of the Panasonic headset and 360 camera during CES 2017, claims the headset has bone conductive technology.

One can adjust the headset by clamping down it from back to the size of head, and has also a flexible front. There’s also a bone conduction audio technology which differs from ordinary headphones as they are not detrimental to the ear canal. With this technology the user can not only hear the voices in VR, but also the voices in real world.

As Mike reported the headset is still a prototype, and Panasonic mostly aims to use its headset in educational purposes, and during fire and flight training as the headset is more alike a reality.

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