Introducing V School Interactive, our proven online course

At V School, we’re striving to create an international community of makers and creators. As part of that mission, we created a unique online course that mirrors our in-person courses for our students around the world: V School Interactive. In the three years since its inception, our online offering has grown to include students from throughout the United States and around the world.

We’ve carefully crafted V School Interactive to be a new kind of online course. Because of this, all of our online students have been able to find jobs upon graduation.

“What sealed the deal for me was the fact that [going to V School] was going to an immersive program where students can interact, REAL-TIME, with their mentors and get clarification right when it’s needed.”
- Ervin Gonzales, Online Immersive ’15 (received an Engineering job offer six weeks into program)

Why students choose V School Interactive:

The Immersive Experience

Most online or remote courses do not require regular, full-time attendance or participation; they are self-paced and often greatly limit students’ live interaction with peers and instructors. At V School, we believe in full immersion, real-time, with instructors and peers alike. V School Interactive is an immersive experience that requires 95% attendance and provides 100% immersion.

Our courses are live streamed and fully integrated into the classroom experience. Both online and in-person students are learning the same material, at the same time, with the same instructors.

The Collaborative Communication Process

In today’s culture, we have the tools and technology available to communicate more seamlessly than ever before. We integrate the latest programs and applications into our physical classroom and online so that our Interactive students feel like they are in the classroom with us.

V School Interactive students converse through audio, video and Slack, where they also have the opportunity to bond with other students from our in-person classes. They form their own groups to assist each other with coursework, develop their own inside jokes, and support each other as a community.

Our Interactive students and instructors also frequently schedule time outside of class to discuss any questions from class time or homework. Our team is always available for all students whether in person or interactive.

“The classes we had were very interactive — interactive in the sense that after the day’s lecture, we were presented with practical, real-life problems we had to solve as pairs or teams. We shared our struggles and successes as well as kept each other accountable. This camaraderie persisted even outside of class and was bound to be the foundation of many friendships. In fact, to this day, I still talk to some of my classmates, whom I now consider good friends, bounce ideas off of them and share “war stories”.
· Ervin Gonzales, Online Immersive ‘15

The Outcome-Focused Framework

We develop our coursework carefully and purposefully. We have an independent board of advisors and partners who review changes to our curriculum so we stay updated with industry standards. We go above and beyond to ensure the framework in which we teach our classes are of the best caliber. Because of this, 100% of our Interactive students who have graduated are employed.

We have a healthy balance of lecture and hands-on exercise time during class each day. We don’t believe in purely lecture-based online classes — our Interactive courses, identical to our in-person courses, combine a mix of short exercises, long-term projects, classroom presentations, and lectures to solidify the class material.

In summary, we do our best to make the only difference between V School and V School Interactive a computer screen and microphone.

If you are interested in learning more about V School Interactive or would like to apply, please contact us here: Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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