Code SLC | Vol. 2Local Eats | Episode 2: Healthiest Eats In Salt Lake City

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Let us indulge you on the many reasons students are choosing to move to the beautiful Wasatch Mountains for 12 weeks, while learning to code.

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Vive Juicery

Photo Credit: City Home Collective

They get it, it’s hard to get your day’s worth of fruit into your meals. Let alone attempting the appropriate amount of vegetables. Therefore they found a way to get that down your throat in a way that you would actually be drying to get your hands on: a super yummy juice drink with everything you need. That way you can get what you need your way.

Photo Credit: elisabeth-lilja

In fact, it’s as if it could even be customized just for you. Want a shot of protein in there for the gym later? Don’t worry, they’ve got you. Want more than just a drink? Don’t worry they’ve got food too. They have whatever you need to get your juice on.

Not only do they take care of you and your body, they also take care of the environment. By, as they say on their website: ‘keeping it glassy’ they reduce their carbon footprint and reduce, reuse and recycle. Creating the best positive influence on our shared earth as possible. They also compost their juice pulp locally, sharing with local gardens and reducing the amount of paper waste. A true inspiration for all those striving to go green in every area of their life.

What To Order: Blk. Chia Twist


This isn’t just another healthy eatery. No, this is where you get the best innovative cocktail made of fresh ingredients and stand out liquor. The mixologists at Zest have created flavors that are seasonal, providing a new experience with unique ingredients that keep you wanting more all throughout the year.

Even in the night hours this healthy eatery has a vibrant life that infuses music and fun into your healthy lifestyle. Featuring neon lights and a killer DJ on the weekends this restaurant moonlighting as a dance floor is where you go to get some light night eats, early night drinks and bask in dope beats. It’s not very often that the world of calorie counting and green drink obsession collides with turning down for what? Which, is why we love it so much.

The food itself is ultra healthy, using ingredients and flavors that you may not expect. Grilled cheese with apples? What!? It may seem counter intuitive but it’s actually the best thing since putting bacon on there. And that’s just one of the unique dishes that gives Zest, well… it’s zest!

What To Order: Grilled Cheese Sandwich & Straw-bubbly Lavender Martini

Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen

The roots of this versatile restaurant and juice bar are nestled deep within the story of a passionate owner who had to fight his way to a healthy lifestyle. Being healthy isn’t always easy; or even accessible for the average Utahn. So, Thomas worked to create a way for locals to get healthy and get excited about being healthy; all at a price that anyone could afford. The affordability in fact is one of the reasons why Thomas believes not more people are as healthy as they probably want to be. Between gym memberships, personal trainers, healthy groceries and more it can be hard to attain your healthiest self at a price that won’t make your bank account cry.

Photo Credit: Salt Lake Tribune

Thomas saw this problem and sought to fix it with affordable juices and eats for every unique diet. From vegan to paleo, this menu is all inclusive. Not only including budgets of all kinds, but diet and lifestyle varieties as well. Now health can be for everybody at this green lifestyle kitchen.

What To Order: Mid-Youth Crisis juice and the Nut Job Acai Bowl.

Water Fusions

This juice bar is all about every element of wellness. Literally, focusing on the elements and how they can create wellness in your life. Because of their broad offering they have something for everyone… no matter what element replenishes your batteries. Their primary offering is, of course, the juices that fall into the water and earth categories of their offerings. Juice up and replenish those nutrients.

Within the air element of their wheel house they offer an oxygen bar as well. Additional oxygen to your brain has several benefits (aside from the light happy feeling that comes with the added oxygen.) such as headache relief, respiratory relief, and body aches.

Of the fire persuasion they offer light therapy. A type of therapy that uses red lights to reduce wrinkles and moisturize. This location isn’t just a juice bar, it’s an entire spa for every element of personal wellness.

What To Order: A reviver at the oxygen bar and Party Starter juice.

Sage’s Cafe

At Sage’s they care about the welfare of the local economy, animal safety, and the overall wellness of all living beings. This philosophy comes to live in their culinary dishes — of which all are vegan. Although all the dishes are 100% vegan that does not mean that they are without unique flavors, exciting presentation and a variety of necessary nutrients. In fact, because of their plant-based nature the chef has been forced to create flavors that are beyond the basics. Besides, there is nothing about their produce that is basic. Sage’s loves to buy local to support the Salt Lake economy, showing that having a local flare to the food adds to the customer’s experience. And, as a bonus, 80% of the produce is totally organic!

Celebrating local gardeners, artisans and community at large; helping weave our town into an exceptional place to eat and build relationships. Sage’s looks beyond ‘preparing food’ and strives to create a radically healthy culinary experience so you can continue to lead your vegan, paleo, or clean lifestyle to the fullest.

What To Order: Polenta Fries and the Seared Portabella & Brown Rice Risotto.

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