Code SLC | Vol. 2Local Haunts | Episode 2: Best Places To Ski Or Snowboard In SLC

The local favorite, this is the place to be to catch the best powder. If you want to see how the natives do it, this is for sure the best place to go. And, if all the natives love it that says something. An easy 40-minute drive from the airport up Little Cottonwood Canyon it has everything to offer. And we mean EVERYTHING. Boasting over 160 trails, over 2500 acres, and an aerial tram that can fit over 120 people.

One of the oldest resorts in town it had it’s humble beginnings in the 1970’s. Millions have gone into the renovations to make this a modern day haven for snow bunnies and boarders a like. There is basin powder for days for beginner, immediate or advanced skiers and snowboarders. No matter what your skill level there is something for you.

Cost: $$$$$

One mile north of Snowbird this terrain is, how we would say, ‘Gnarly, dude.’ If you’re a beginner Alta is not the slope for you. This atmosphere isn’t simply built for those who are looking to enjoy some resort time on the slopes. No, no. This is for people who want to spend some real time getting to know the snow. Famous for face-plants? Then stay the f*** away from these slopes. Unless, of course, you’re trying to push yourself to get a little better and think you can handle it. Then, get on the lift and get up there.

Though this is a favorite amongst experts they are beginning to introduce slopes that are… well… a little less expert-oriented. But let’s put some emphasis on the term ‘a little.’ As for drinks or eats? If your legs aren’t totally shot by the end of a day on the slopes there are a couple yummy options for bar food, beers and SKI SHOTS!

Cost: $$$$$

Deer Valley
Exclusive, elegant and upscale this is the perfect resort if you’re after some serious skiing klout. Boarders? Sorry, not really part of this exclusive community. Here it’s all about creating an organically rich experience for those who love to ski. Bragging rights aren’t the only thing that is served up at this elitist resort. It’s all about being able to have exactly what you want. Whatever you want. If you’re the girl or guy that loves hanging out in the resort more than you like to actually ‘catch some air;’ then this is the place to go.

Cost: $$$$$

Unlike the others on the list, you get to this mountain over an hour south of the airport through Provo Canyon. The others, all go through Salt Lake. However, that doesn’t mean the skiing or snowboarding is any worse, it’s just got different terrain. Understated this Robert Redford made famous location is perfect for families. Wholesome and full of wild west character. Because of their focus on family and growth they have turned into more than an a place to hit the slopes. It’s a location simmering with creativity, sustainability and change makers.

The restaurants are a foodie’s dream, art shows enthuse creatives and candy stores brighten the eyes of your kids. Slightly cheaper than the above options this is the place to be for large families.

Cost: $$$$

Looking for a cheap way to try out skiing or snowboarding for the first time? This is the best place for you of all that we have listed. Most of the slopes are designed for beginners and accommodate a large amount of people using them at one time. In fact, kids under the age of ten are totally free. #Winning

Cost: $$$

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