Code SLC | Vol. 4 Industry | Episode 5: Why We Should Teach Coding Early

Teens often undergo a lot of pressure to decide what they want to do for a living in the later years of their high school experience. Being foisted with personality assessments that act as magical career predictions and other such nonsense that makes them believe they have to have it all figured out RIGHT NOW. Well, the truth is, they don’t need to have it all figured out right now. They can figure that out in college.

But something they should probably know is some coding basics or at least an interest in STEAM projects — no matter which letter of the acronym they naturally gravitate to.

Coding, in particular, is the thing of the future. There are even toys to help toddlers understand basic coding functions. Soon it’s going to be something everyone needs to know, then just inherently knows. So, get them on the path of learning this sh*t early, when they’re already in a mindset to digest new information and take on unique ways of thinking. Mold the mind young as they say. Here are a few ways that teach teens to code will benefit them and the world at large:

They Will Have More Job Opportunities: This is where almost every industry is going and there won’t be a shortage of job ops for people with a coding skill set.

Up And Coming Start Ups Will Have More Applicants: Start-ups are a huge deal these days, especially in our headquarters in Utah. Startups will need a coder. And this would be the opportunity to get an ambitious person with vision in on the ground floor.

Keeping Up With The Times: If you don’t keep up you’ll fall behind, and coding is prepping (if not already) to be a big part of the future for employment. #JobSecurity

Safety Net: OK, even if these teens aren’t into it or it’s not their thing or whatever the case may be there will always be the need for a programmer, UX designer, etc. So if the starving artist thing doesn’t work out or fame and fortune isn’t for them they can fall back on something that’s a sure thing.

Energy: These young kids can pull all-nighters. What!? We’re kidding. Kinda. Mostly.

Coding is the language that is bridging the technology, gender and diversity gap faster than just about any one thing.
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Let us indulge you on the many reasons students are choosing to move to the beautiful Wasatch Mountains for 12 weeks, while learning to code.

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