Code SLC | Vol. 4 Industry | Episode 7: Biggest Tech Trends Of 2017

2017 is sure to pave the way for upcoming trends in tech, which will grow into bigger things that shape the human experience for decades to come. Technology is moving forward, quickly approaching a corner to turn. Now, we’re not saying “Ghost In The Shell” type stuff, but the kinds of things that we have only been theorizing about now in the developmental stages.

A few tech fields are taking steps forward before others, making waves in 2017 that are going to become staples of accessible tech offerings. Below are ten tech trends that we forecast are going to dominate 2017 and make room for use in daily life:

Self-Driving Cars || Even as early as 2009 a car that could operate itself effectively or at all was only a thing of sci-fi movies. Something that cyberpunks rave over in fan art and video games. But now thanks to big tech player Elon Musk, they are an option for the every day Joe. Tesla has made a car that can drive itself available at a price that won’t break the bank. #Amazing. Other companies are following suit, creating self-driving trucks, taxis, and more.

Virtual Reality || Once only a reality for pro-gamers or the super rich, VR is now something that the average person can have in the comfort of their own home. It is now part of your average gaming system. It’s a part of theme parks, it’s a part of arcades. It’s a part of our daily lives in a big way. And it’s going to take center stage in 2017, looking at new applications for VR. Travel the world, see your favorite band… in VR.

AI Automation & Smart Home || Alexa, turn on the lights. This is a phrase that many thought would never be uttered in their generation. Let alone as an accessible option for middle-class living. But now there are many options for home automation that makes daily life beyond “easy,” but totally streamlined with all pieces of personal technology.

3D Printing || The technology, as of only a few years ago was pretty rudimentary. A few crafty things here and there but nothing that was making a difference in a big way. Now there are hundreds upon thousands of applications in many different verticals being discovered. From distinctive fashion pieces to fitness application.

Wearables || Having to pull out your phone to look at data is being superseded by wearables that serve up information on your wrist… at your finger tips. Data being pulled from your body and into your phone to present fitness effectiveness, and more. The fitness industry is taking the most advantage but others are not far behind.

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