One riff , two riff , three riff, bore — or why I need new music

This post is a continuation of my previous article ( if you’ve not checked it out yet, check it out here)

One thing that I’ve come to realise is that “Variety is the spice of life” — and this is all the more true when it comes to music. Who doesn’t like a new tune to dance to or a new song to sing along with ? If we could live with our current playlists alone, then Guns N’ Roses would’ve called it a day after composing Sweet Child O’ Mine and November Rain(ironically, they called it quits soon after the latter) . The point is, we all want new songs on our playlists.

New songs are not hard to come across. There are so many ways that you could stumble upon a new song — Walk into a bar and more often than not, you will be able to listen to a new song before you leave,or go through Spotify’s playlists or YouTube’s recommendation and you might find a new song or two. But there is no substitute to the recommendation of a trusted friend. Think about it, from the last few times you discovered a new song, how many were suggested by a friend?

trbble is based on this concept. We believe that people can play a more important role in helping you discover new songs than some algorithm, simply because a friend knows you better than a computer does. But it doesn’t end there; we’ve added a small twist — instead of listening to the entire song, you can listen to the best part of the song first and then decide if you’d like to listen to the entire song. How is this achieved you ask? Simple. Let’s say that you love “Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses”. You can go to and post your favourite part of Sweet Child O’ Mine. Others can listen to this snippet and give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down depending on whether they like it or not. Also, if they like it, they can listen to the entire song right there! It’s like tasting the creamy centre of a cake before stuffing your face with it.

All user posts on trbble are referred to as “trbbles” . In other words, a “trbble” is your favourite part of a song- it’s the part that you play on loop, the part that you hum all day long because it’s stuck in your head. All trbbles are curated according to the votes that they receive by others — so you can be assured that you’re in good hands.

Since our website went live three days ago, I personally have discovered 10 new songs that I absolutely love ! A few songs that I have discovered are :

  1. The Boat song by Agam : Link courtesy Vignesh Ramakrishnan
  2. Over the hills and far away by Nightwish ( I love this version of the song) : Link
  3. Dimmu Borgir by Dimmu Borgir : Link

Over coming weeks, I’m sure I will be adding to this list. Follow my playlist by clicking on the “Collect” button if you like heavy metal. If you’re a Trance/House fan , then you can check out this wonderful playlist created by Vinay Mimani .

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