Tell me about your hometown

Photo by: Sven Scheuermeier

I was born and raised in Bangkok. It is a city which has a river run through the middle dividing it into 2 regions. This river has a pretty interesting history and is the longest river of Thailand. The name is “Chao Praya”.

The district I live is in the East. It is called “Thonburi” district which is a quiet part of Bangkok where the residential area is. I’ve seen many changes here throughout my life. This part of the city has changed from “forest” to a much nicer place with lots of community malls and huge parks. Despite all of the changes, it is still a serene neighbourhood.

The other part of Bangkok is “Phra Nakorn” district. This is where all the tourist destinations are. Department stores, the palace, The Emerald Buddha, you name it. It is a lively part of Bangkok. Recently, I’ve been spending parts of my life here. My college is here and I’m working on this side of the city too.

All in all, Bangkok is one of the most interesting city. It gives you the perfect combination of peace and fun. You’ll never get bored here.

This is one of my preparations for IELTS speaking exam. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.


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My name is Tino Thamjarat. A Ruby on Rails developer at Oozou. I love discussing everything. Business ideas, philosophy, physics, religion, tech, gaming, you name it. I also play League of Legend and a little bit of music once in a while. If you need a website, want to give some advice/comments or just need some guy to talk to, feel free to contact me on my Twitter or Instagram.

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