Yes, Organic Farming Will Kill Us All
Chris Newman

Love your work Chris, and am happy to stand with you and look stupid in the face of adversity.

A well written response which I hope your adversary reads. As with anything that is for the ‘good of all’, we have the uneducated who for some self indulgent reason want to denounce the potential global positives work like your’s does.

It really is time that the uneducated starting thinking long term about all the carnage humans have and still are imposing on Earth, our life support system. Warming temperatures WILL have widespread agricultural consequences, warming temperatures WILL shift required annual rainfall from some of the globes food growing regions. Both of these WILL result in lower yields, poorer soil structures and the collapse of these regions. Water shortages WILL help in the collapse of these regions, causing environmental migration of populations of all the living species in the regions. New regions or new technologies (such as what you propose) WILL be needed if we are to continue to feed the growing population.

I guess the big issue is the education of the growing population. Do we really have to eat imported (fresh ?) produce from the other side of the globe, just to have the widest variety all year round. Can’t we all just learn to eat WHAT IS IN SEASON LOCALLY — go ask your green grocer people, ask what they have that is locally grown at any given time and you will be surprised at the variety. We don’t NEED to eat genetically modified foods just so that we can serve a purple cauliflower from another country at our dinner party tonight to impress our guests. Serve local and make it a conversation topic to spread the word and make others more aware of the global good.

Here in Australia, a system has been trialed similar to what you do Chris (may have been in collaboration with you for all I know) in an inland, desert community to provide food for the locals, provide jobs for locals and cut the cost (and environmental impacts) of having to transport food to this area. The success so far has been positive, and if all goes well, will be rolled out around the dry, remote regions of the country. Exciting times, and it’s all organic, water saving, and meets the needs of the community with a wide variety of crops to meet their nutritional needs.

There thankfully are those of us who give a damn about the well being of ALL, and work towards providing a safer, cleaner, more sustainable future for generations to come — to you all I say, keep up the good work!

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