Trump is Being Bribed by Putin

First, some brief history:

Now, of course, we know that:

What has the Trump team been up to since then?

During the campaign many described Trump as a useful idiot of Russia. His actions since then may determine that an underestimation.

We’re getting fucked, royally, by a Trump-Putin alliance that is out for hundreds of billions in oil money and the destruction of western democracies. That’s potentially why Rep. John Lewis and other Democratic law makers who left a post-election intel briefing on Russian interference called Trump “illegitimate” and part of a conspiracy, and that the election would be re-done if the same activities took place in other democracies.

Want to dig in more? Try this or this or this.

What’s next? For the US… God only knows. Hopefully the investigations currently underway are thorough and non-partisan. For Western Democracies… keep an eye on Russian aggression in Ukraine as well as Russian interference in upcoming elections of EU states — particularly France and Germany.