This past week I had the opportunity to work on my first project using Evan You’s awesome creation. Vue.js, is a reactive component based MVVM JavaScript library for modern web interfaces. Wait, what? In plain English Vue.js is a small library that makes it painless to create interactive user interfaces without worrying about all of the manual DOM manipulation and event listening. In spirit React comes close to what Vue.js is trying to achieve, build component based web user-interfaces. …

This is the question that I have asked myself this morning. The JavaScript ecosystem is huge. But today I decided to experiment with something new, how about making something simple and fun — oh I know a game.

A slightly more advanced version of Pong

Usually before evaluating any technology choice it’s a good to have requirements in place to pick the right tool for the job (or the shiniest tool for the job). Do you have requirements, you ask, yes — Pong. …

Vadim Brodsky

Designer + Software Developer @ Vidyard

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