Beware OVH Public Cloud service

I am (or was) a big fan of OVH, but that was before I tried their relatively new “Public Cloud” service.

OVH is a French cloud computing company that offers VPS, dedicated servers and other web services.

I’ve been using it for years, and I loved their VPS offer, which is cheap compared to most providers I looked into. For instance, their VPS starting plan cost 3.59€/month for a 2Go RAM, 1vCore and 10Go hard drive. Not bad if you just want to host small applications, like showcase websites with a few users. That’s basically what I use my VPS for.

I had to push another service online, basically a blog. And I wanted to use their Public Cloud, mostly because the additional hard drive cost twice less there.

Eventually, I ended up with no support for days, a service which didn’t work and which I cancelled 24h later, and a bill of 25€, non refundable.

But how did that happen?

First of, when you go on their “Public Cloud” webpage, through their Dashboard, you have to accept additional Terms of Use, which you don’t read, of course.

Then, you have to pay 12€ (10€ VAT) to enable the Public Cloud, this amount is also supposed to be credited to your account, and then you can use your credit to pay for the services you use. (If I understood correctly, because it’s not so well explained)

I tried to use PayPal to do so, but it was refused and they forced me to setup a banking card, which I did.

Then, I created a Project and bought a server, basically the same than the VPS I usually use, for the same price and setup a SSL key (required). And then, I waited to get my login information…

After a while, I was able to connect to the server (using SSL), but then I was asked for a password, which I did not have.

Meanwhile, I had this spinner showing something about the application login was being processed. But nothing happened, like 8 hours
I bought 10€ of additional credit (my balance was showing 0€ of credit) thinking it may help or something.

But even though, I was completely unable to connect to my server, and filled in a Support Request. I received no confirmation email (or bills) of what I bought whatsoever.

But even 24h later, I didn’t get any answer, and this was really frustrating, and slowing me down for real in the deploiement of my app.

So, I deleted the project and bought the VPS I usually use. Everything worked as expected and my app was online in no time. (And suddenly, I got all the confirmation emails from my yesterday’s bills, how interesting?)

Then, I contacted the support, asking for a refund and complaining for the lack of support and the bug I went through.

But I got an answer like “We can’t check if something went wrong since you deleted the project” and “The cloud credit is neither exchangeable nor refundable”.

This is how I ended up with about 25€ wasted, which I cannot use in any way, and non refundable.

I guess this Cloud Credit thing is a way to get customer’s money and not give it back. Also, the credit is automatically lost if not used within a specific period of time (2 months, I believe).

So, I’m not so keen about this pricing model they’re using for the Public Cloud. I’ll stick to the standard VPS things until I find something better. If you know of a better/cheaper provider, please let us know!