Go Forth and Create

I recently just found out about Medium a few weeks ago. This is because I spend most of my time in Ife, which is essentially an internet blackhole where my school is located. Now back in Lagos, I have time to read and coinesseur over other people’s articles. Once again, I felt the urge to pick writing up again.

Now to pick a topic worthy of my first post on Medium. It was only a matter of time before I was beset with the inevitable existential crisis on the issue of picking a suitable topic. Most would advice you to write on what you’re passionate about. Good. one problem down, 7,622 more to go.

I wanted my first post to bang. The Mona Lisa of first posts. With the likes and comments gushing in and me basking in it all like the Da Vinci of writers.

Then I began to realize. Nobody gave a rat’s ass about you or your post. You’d probably get 2 likes from friends you’ve forced to read your post, and a half-hearted ‘nyc write up' at the end of it all. No Pulitzers. No Booker prize. Just you and your limp-dicked write article lying there not dissimilar to finally having sex on your wedding night after years of celibacy.

This is not meant to discourage. Truth is, writing as with everything else, hardly ever starts with a bang. Its a slow process, which begins with you working to get better at whatever you do, gathering knowledge and applying said knowledge. In this case, tapping tirelessly at your keyboard and churning out the good stuff, while at the same time developing a steady following which should grow over time.

Don’t be afraid to start. Your first attempt has a 97% chance of flopping. Just don’t stop. Keep at it, and at the end of the day, you’ll reap the benefits, swimming in recommendations and often times, the cash.

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