Can an iPhone App Judge Photos Better than Humans?: EyeEm’s ‘The Roll’

My girlfriend, an actual photographer, looks for a shot while I steal one of her.

Aesthetic Score: 67%
Keywords: full length, sitting, playing, enjoyment, fun, focus on foreground, cute, selective focus

A photo of a wonderful kiss that could’ve been technically better with more planning.

Aesthetic score: 25%
Keywords: street, large group of people, city, city life, road, crowd, focus on foreground, outdoors, day, group of people, medium group of people, uniform

Afghan actress.

Aesthetic score: 88%
Keywords: portrait, headshot, close-up, focus on foreground, face, red, cute, day

The burning monk, 1963.

Aesthetic score: 36%
Keywords: weather, outdoors, day, season, stationary, close-up, focus on foreground, nature, white

Warm clothing of the padre.

Aesthetic Score: 39%
Keywords: full length, warm clothing, day, outdoors, city, focus on foreground, jacket, city life

Stuart Franklin, “Tank Man”

Aesthetic score: 34%
Keywords: road, season, weather, outdoors, day, the way forward, nature, diminishing perspective, surface level, selective focus, elevated view.

Kevin Carter, “The vulture and the little girl”

Aesthetic score: 35%
Keywords: animals, field, livestock, grass, nature, landscape, herbivorous, outdoors, day, grassy, brown, rural scene, selective focus, animal, beauty in nature, tranquility.

Nick Ut, “Napalm girl”

Aesthetic score: 45%
Keywords: day, focus on foreground, enjoyment, vacations, outdoors, fun, nature, selective focus, running

“Earthrise.” Image credit: NASA.

Aesthetic score: 79%
Keywords: moon, beauty in nature, astronomy, night, tranquil scene, tranquility, nature, idyllic, majestic, exploration, discovery, space exploration, outdoors, sky, moon surface, weather, close-up, landscape, white, blue, dark.

The Hubble Deep Field. #nofilter

Aesthetic score: 38%
Keywords: night, full frame, illuminated, glowing, abstract, dark, close-up, light, nature




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