Bounty token distribution starts today!

Vakhtang Abuladze
Mar 26, 2018 · 1 min read

Hello Everyone!

Today we will start distribution of tokens for bounty campaigns, as promised!
We will start by rewarding participators of our social campaigns and in the middle of the next month we will distribute tokens for blogging campaign.

Blogging campaign articles will be estimated last due to the volume of content delivered by our participators. At the current moment, our experts are looking through each unit, checking the reach and engagement parameters. Articles with the highest reach will be rewarded with additional number of tokens.

Stay tuned, this week we will also announce our token listing on the first exchange and provide even more details about the next bounty campaign, which will be announced after the beta-launch.


Vakhtang Abuladze

Written by

Bazista marketplace founder, CEO

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