How to invest in BZS tokens: step-by-step manual

1) Visit our website:

2) Click on the button “BUY BZS TOKENS NOW” and complete the Registration form

3) Enter your name or your Entity name

4) Enter your personal e-mail to access the Investor’s Page

5) Enter ONLY YOUR PERSONAL ETH wallet address to buy BZS tokens

NOTE: BZS tokens will be sent to this ETH wallet right after you send ETH to smart contract address.

WARNING: DO NOT USE wallet address from exchanges like Coinbase, Poloniex, etc.

6) After completing all above, make sure that all information you provide is correct and up-to-date, as well as warnings and notes.
7) Push the button "GET PAYMENT DETAILS"

8) Check your email address provided earlier during the registration and click on the “Get Contract Address” button

9) After clicking on the link from e-mail, you will be transferred to the Investment page and will see the ETH/BZS exchange rate and the bonus rate that is currently active

10) Copy the Bazista Smart contract address: 0xd05DA50bb78044a05E5f2ca06F7c7127b0851D0f

And specify as the recipient in your own wallet.

NOTE! INSTALL GAS LIMIT ABOVE 98000 in order to successfully proceed the your transaction

11) If you do not have ETH, but other digital assets, you can safely exchange them using the Shapeshift service by clicking on the button


11.1 Your Ethereum Wallet address will be automatically uploaded
11.2 Choose which assets you want to exchange
11.3 Send the selected asset to the automatically generated address

11.4 Now you have ETH on your wallet. Get back on Investors Page and see instructions №10

NOTE! BAZISTA does not charge any commission for this transactions. You can also exchange your funds by visiting:
WARNING! Carefully fill in all the fields and double-check the addresses used, and other digital assets will not be regenerated to the ETN address, since this de Steve will lead to their loss.

12) You can also invest by bank transfer clicking on the button


13) Specify the amount in EUR to invest and click on the check mark to confirm your agreement with the general Terms&Conditions for the Bank transfer and click on the button "DOWNLOAD INVOICE"

14) By clicking on the button “DOWNLOAD INVOICE” you will be provided with a bank account:

Beneficiary account: EE10 0000 0093 2005 7611

You need to send a bank transfer in euro. Below you find you Ethereum wallet address, where BZS tokens will be transferred.

15) In case you want to make another investment to Bazista, enter your e-mail address, which you specified during registering stage.