Max Jackson: Store wars of modern e-commerce industry

Vakhtang Abuladze
Jan 27, 2018 · 1 min read

What is wrong with ecom? How can new tech like AR boost the industry and effect financial and time costs? Why do we need to provide real value for crypto? What do we mean when we talk the e-commerce democratization?

E-commerce is great! No, it trully is, simply because it saves time and effort to get the simplest staff that you need for home, it also provides greater variety and saves money versus your local shopping center. These are the obvious reason why it is booming However, problems and barriers to it’s further growth are not that visible, but all of them are connected to the deficit of trust.

People are afraid that the product won’t reach their expectations and their and money will be wasted. That is why some people still won’t go online to buy your products. Besides there is a great number of people who rely ultimatly on cash, because the banking system in their countries fail to provide reliable and efficient services. People are loosing money, time and their patience.

Max Jackson of Bazista speaks about his company’s mission to transform the e-commerce, making it convinient to use for any person in the world and the new tech which will help to reach that goal:


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