Public announcement on recent fake news, scamming accusations and provocations!

Vakhtang Abuladze
Apr 5, 2018 · 2 min read

Hello Everyone!

Recently there has been several messages, which accused our project’s team members of scamming. Personal messages made part of our team step up of the communication stream and really holds the process of the project’s development. On behalf of Bazista I would like to say that we will not tolerate that kind of pressuring methods and will do our best to protect our team members and project’s destiny.

The messages started right after we distributed tokens for social bounty campaign and announced listing on SIMEX. The main reason why we went for SIMEX is because we believe in the platform’s potential and sure that it will reach great exposure after doing an IPO and listing on Nasdaq. We are also negotiating with several exchanges to get better market volume of the coin, please be patient and don’t try to block the project’s development processes.

That is a real shame when you work hard on delivering the product and are being accused like that just because people are inpatient to sell your tokens fast.

We are not scamming anyone or trying to steal the investors’ money and run away — our team is always online and you can talk to us in the official telegram chat:

We were absolutely open and transparent during each stage of the project development, with each member of the team supporting the project publicly. We have send out tokens to our investors immediatly once they have invested. We have partly distributed tokenms for social media campaigns and will soon distribute the rest for blogging campaigns. None of the tokens were frozen and anyone can start selling them individually if they don’t to hold them at least until the project MVP is presented.

Our main milestone is to launch the beta version of the platform next month and allow people to start trading using crypto. We have declared from the start that our vision is to get crypto away from the dark speculative part into the light and real-economy sector.

Thank you!

Vakhtang Abuladze

Written by

Bazista marketplace founder, CEO

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