Vakhtang Abuladze
May 8, 2018 · 1 min read

Recent updates on the team members!

Hello Everyone!

Today we would like to inform the community about new members that have joined Bazista recently and that will contribute to the project’s development priorities in the upcoming months. After the MVP launch our top priority for promotion is to make sure that more and more sellers are joining to sell products for crypto.

First of all, Mr Jeonggon Mun, Co-Founder of Linker Coin & CEO of BlockBank; Solidity Developer and HFT Trader, joins our advisors team. His expertise will help Bazista business development in the Asian region, providing valuable strategic insights, including partnerships and media presence.

Secondly, we welcome Elizaveta Sokovkina, who will be managing our partnership communication department with more people soon joining to recruite more sellers to the platform.

We would also like to thank Denis Sholokhov that has been leading our marketing activities previously. We greatly value his contribution to the project with most of the goals accomplished during the previous 8 month of tense work. Denis will focus on new projects, but will be still consult Bazista as an independent advisor.


Vakhtang Abuladze

Written by

Bazista marketplace founder, CEO

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