re: Prince: Is It Just Me or Did We All Miss a Huge Lesson?

I’ll keep this gem short and sweet:

Prince was a fantastic and visionary artist who championed self-expression and consistently pushed the envelope. That said, there are many like him, and they are in all of our communities and social circles. While they may not achieve the same visibility or renown, these people bring art, music and a unique joy to our lives. Don’t wait until they’re dead to acknowledge and celebrate them.

Appreciate them now: Buy their artwork. Go to their concerts. Hire them. Share their work with your friends. Let them know how your life becomes more fun and more inspired through the things they create. Actively appreciate them with your words and actions.

It’s easy to acknowledge the people who give color to our lives after they’re dead. It’s easy to get wrapped up in a flash dance mob or buy a memorial t-shirt. 
It’s much harder to keep artists in your regular, everyday thoughts and decisions.

Artists are the keepers of culture. Without them we would fall into an unimaginable dullness. If there’s someone in your world whose work has touched you, stop reading this and go let them know. 

And, as an aside, if you’re wondering what my favorite Prince meme so far is, it’s this one.

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