Who are the ambassadors.

Part 1. Foreteller

To start with I want to point out that I'm going to tell you about ambassador programs of various startups in blockchain industry. Why only blockchain? Because this is what I do.

Being ambassador

It would be wise to tell you about the principals of being an ambassador first, isn’t it? So ambassadors are kind of volunteers that support projects they really believe in. Ambassadors can support projects in different ways: from content creation to software engineering - that all depends on what they can and what the project needs.
So, yes, the project definitely benefit from ambassador programs. But what is the point to be an ambassador? Here is where I should tell you about me - as I know only my point of view.

Why I am an ambassador?

I'm Ph.D. in computer sciences in fact mathematics and software engineering of systems and networks, to be exact. Blockchain industry is not what I did before or worked with, but it's kind of a part of my professional sphere. Furthermore, I do photography for a living and some arts as a hobby. Right now I'm babysitting my 7months son. 
Just a second for a smile:

Being mom is definitely cool, best thing I’ve ever done and the hardest one, but I miss the time I researched or wrote articles (this is a major part of any Ph.D. work and being a teacher). 
You need this info to understand my purposes. When I got to know about ambassador programs I was stuck in maternity leave for 5 months. And my researcher heart was frozen. That’s why my reasons go become an ambassador were:

  • gain purpose;
  • self development in writing;
  • get back to creative me in doing mems and arts;
  • money.

Right now I understand how much more you can get from being an ambassador:

And that's why I've joined several programs that are devoted to projects I really believe in.

Yes among the communities, I see people who are just gold hunters and that is ok, but, before getting into any ambassador program, ask yourself: "Should I support smth I don’t believe has a future?". My question is no: if the project does not worth being a part of the industry you can’t benefit from it in any way and I’m not into waisting my time.
Moreover, being an ambassador is taking part in some passionate communities, share and gain new experiences, finding new friends.

Flux protocol

Today the main issue of this article/post is to tell you about Flux ambassador program. As I mentioned before, you should be passionate about the project first! That's why here is some intro into the Flux protocol.

In my own words and as simple as possible I would call Flux - Google of blockchain industry. It keeps all up to date information, is decentralized, community driven, and make it simple to create smart contacts. That's why Flux can be a great addition of new finance - DeFi.

More details you can find in my article on the topic or in the official website.


Flux decided to call it's ambassadors - foretellers, as a part of the future knowledge. 
Here is how can an foreteller contribute:

Anyway Flux team is very accurate with the ones they get on board and even more strict to what they want to see, as a contribution. But they have all rights to be, as announced that will pay for the contribution in real tokens. Of course, we do not know there price yet (here is some interesting article on token prices). So if you work hard, you can get paid. These is a huge matter for a lot of ambassadors to do their job good. 
Another issue, that leads from the one above, is a request to contribute only in one category as nobody can be good in everything.

How to become a Foreteller?

First of all, be critical to your self and evaluate your possibilities to contribute. When filling in the form tell everything about your benefits and what do you want to do. Be ready to provide some proofs.

More info is here: https://www.fluxprotocol.org/community



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Val Savchuk

Val Savchuk

Ph.D in Computer sciences. Crypto enthusiastic. Crypto ambassador