August 15 the year 2016! That sounded like something from back to the future; or from that show. Where the guy always went back and forth in time. I won’t lie, I don’t remember the name.

I honestly haven’t vented in a while, i wanted to. A few weeks ago, but I’m sure my statement were false and would have, caused so much drama and, trust me. I had no back bone for it! So in February I quit my job! Dream job honestly, worked in a ministry, and they gave me everything I needed. Come to think of it, I was the golden boy at the firm; was given uncapped Internet and everything nice. Please not, if you from where I’m from. Internet is totally a blessing! (Get it? 🤕 use it, don’t use it) so I’m out here at 22:38 on a hot winters evening. Haven’t had an evening this warm in a while.

I left my job, because I think I was proud, or probably I thought highly of myself. i was constantly fighting with my manager. Not She was second in charge. So you know if I hung in there id eventually get fired. Did I mention to you’ll that I was a Leo? That will honestly explain a whole lot to why I did what I did. (Please, pardon my grammar and spelling, but I owe no one proper English!)

It was my first proper job, despite the fact that I wasn’t legally hired etc; but I was proud to call it a job and that I worked for my ministry. But now I feel like I’ve lost myself ever since I stopped working for the ministry. (Not I haven’t referred to my ministry as a thing! For I still respect everything the ministry still stands for!) I won’t bore you what happened in detail but, God knows! *says a young prayer* #Amen

I’m a loner. I find it hard asking for help and I love my own company. If I had a couple of millions! I’d be perfect. The funny thing is, that people love me and have grown to love me for who I am, but at most times. I just wanna be alone. Take long walk to no where. Just so I could be able to woosaa. I never had those, ever!

Got a new job that I still believe it’s a dead end, well I think I still do have it despite the fact that I’ve been screwing up and they have been wanting to get rid of me. Lmao come to think of it. They have to fire me for what I’ve done. But they can’t, only because they don’t have evidence to all of this.

Got a new job that I have to start tomorrow, but all I wanna do is stay home and watch tv. Growing up suck, all this was just a waste of time, but the moral of it all.

Growing up suck, it’s a trap and no one has figured it out yet; hence all this feels like a waste of time! That’s what growing up does to you! Not a square, just a disfigured tall light skinned nigga