5 Reasons It’s Important to Hire a Certified Electrician for Your Next Home Improvement Project

Whether you like to get your hands inside every home appliance you have, or you wouldn’t touch that stuff even if it called you by name, there’s no doubt that electrical work should always be left to the professionals. But one thing to note is that not all electricians are created equal. The truth of the matter is, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of unlicensed electricians who think they know it all about electrical work.

Valentin Sechelaru is a master electrician with many years of experience who owns AmpCity Electric LLC, a full-service electrician company servicing residential, commercial and industrial clients. “The advantages of hiring a certified electrician far outweigh the disadvantages,” he says, “and you’re guaranteed to get your work done on time and with the highest proficiency.” Sechelaru lists five reasons why you should go with a certified electrician.


As we all know, electricity is like a giant trapped inside tiny wires. When given the opportunity, that power can be fatal if mishandled, which is why not everyone is qualified to deal with electrical work. Only a certified electrician knows the safety procedures to follow and how to secure your property against any short circuits or shoddy work.

An electrician helps to guarantee your safety and prevent damage to your property. Not only that, but your insurance company might not cover you in the event that a fire is caused by the negligent work of a non-certified electrician.


According to Valentin Sechelaru, you can’t put a price on experience. A certified electrician is someone who’s been through hundreds of hours of training and what this tells you is that your electrician will do the job according to the highest standards.

An experienced electrician values your time, respects your resources, and treats the job with the proficiency it deserves, and that’s what you’d expect when it comes to something as vital and dangerous as electricity. Unless the electrician really knows what they’re doing, you cannot be sure of the results of their work until it’s too late.


No matter how small the electrical job, you still would rather have it taken care of and fixed in a reasonable timeframe. Here, again, experience and training play a major role in how much time the electrician takes to finish the job. With an amateur electrician, there’s no guarantee of how long they’ll take. They might get things wrong and have to start all over again. Or they might cause more harm than good with their less-than-qualified work. A certified electrician avoids all these problems and delivers quality work within a short time.


When you pay a certified electrician, you’re paying for all the years of experience, the quality of work, and the time and money they save you down the line. “If you find it tempting,” says Valentin Sechelaru, “to hire a cheaper electrician with no qualifications or a track record you’re not playing the long game.” In other words, an uncertified electrician might charge you less than a more qualified one, but their shoddy work might result in damaged appliances which would cost you more to replace.


Have you ever hired someone to fix something in your property only to regret the whole experience due to their lack of professionalism? More likely than not they will leave behind an unfinished job that will make you feel anything but satisfied.

A certified electrician evaluates the job before accepting it, gives you a timeframe and ballpark of the cost and delivers top-quality work so you always know what you’re getting into beforehand.

United States Army Veteran | Founder of AmpCity Electric LLC in Manchester, New Hampshire

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