Best blogposts starts their carrier as comment

(I’m not a developer… but a wannabe game designer and psychology MA student, with ADHD, also this was my research topic. So maybe it’s helpful for somebody to share my toughts in 4+1 points.)

0. there is no “win” against AD(H)D, just harm reduction.

You will be less productive sometimes (and more productive, creative, and original sometimes (!)) than a neurotypical developer.

Sometimes it will be dificult to predict this “episodes” and people will be pissed or you will hate yourself.

I. Small projects

Even smaller! 
Not even prototype: “pretotype”

II. Focus Aura

You have to summon it before every productive period

(cast time: ~10 minutes)

  1. noise reduction headphone with white noise, or music which has no vocals, and you already familiar, so you will not paying too much attention to it.
  2. ALL notifications OFF, and muted. ALL of tham. Fuck social FOMO, nothing is more important than finish your work!
  3. Use Rescue Time Pro and the “Get Focused” feature… (or the Strict Pomodoro chrome extinsion)
  4. Try to be not hungry/thirsy, nor fully loaded!
  5. Make optomal temperature in the room 
    (for me is very distracting when my feet is cold or sweating )

+1 bonus: plain paper on your desk, for tracking distraction moments. With this, you can tweak, lvl up or customize your focus aura.

III. Precallibrate your brain

Before work/study spend ~ 50 minutes to calibrate yourself:

  1. GYM / RUN/pullup bar: intensity is the key
  2. 10–20 minutes meditation
  3. Stimulants 
    ( plan the halving-time, and the peak! after that 
     point stimulants can be contra productive for me)
  4. Too much food, and carbohydrate can make me dizzy.
    I’m more productive when I’m hungry, but sometimes with empty stomach, I become hyperfocused state, which is productive for a while, but can be contra productive also ( perfectionism, and Asperger-like work ethic, because the so called “cognitive rigidity”)

IV. You will not finish one big percent of your projects

Get used to it. But never give up making the “finised project ratio” better!

  1. Small projects!
  2. Use some productivity system:
     — most simple: Pomodoro technique
     — most complex: GTD
  3. Develop games in team, don’t be a lone wolf. Its motivating for me and the shared interest in creating a computer game channeling my attention back to the project, when I’m distracted or lost motivation. Also more fun.
  4. Share as soon as possible, to gain feedback (and motivcation). Learn , and use the “lean methodology”.

Also, you will need to mobilize twice (or more) of the energy to the same result. And sometimes you will have a “Da-Vinci” moment, when this disadvantage becomes a benefit. Get inspiration from sucsessful ADD-ers.

Any useful info? Clap-clap.