Among the many others, one of the things that can make your vacation a hit or a miss is the car you rent. Having a car to you on a vacation is definitely an added advantage. You can enjoy the scenic views, the roadside beauties and the sightseeing highlights of a place while driving down the “unexplored” location; all this without depending on public transport. What’s more, you can even travel to the neighboring places in your car. 
As good as it is to have a car with you, so are the drawbacks. What if the car shuts down in the middle of the road? What if it breaks down? What if the rental costs exceed the otherwise lower travel costs? 
To save yourself from these problems, choose the car rental company with care. 
Making the Choice 
Often, people believe that all rental car businesses are the same. After all, all of them provide customers with a means of transport. How does the rental company make a difference?
The truth is that this is a misconception. A professional car rental company in Sofia will carry out the procedure and process related to renting a car efficiently. Greater business experience is equivalent to better knowledge about insurance procedures and all other processes; not to forget better customer service. 
The Parameters
Here’s what you must consider while choosing the rental car company. 
• The biggest mistake people make is choosing the car rental in Sofia based on price comparison. Yes, it is smart to compare prices, but not at the cost of service. You definitely do not want the “discounted” money also to be thrown out of the window, for nothing in return. Often, companies offering lower prices offer equally poor services too. 
• The last thing you want on a “happy” holiday is to encounter a problem with your car. Similar to shopping for everything else, shop around for good car rental companies. Ask your friends and family for recommendations. At least, you can learn from their experiences. 
• Avoid relying completely on the company’s website. Often, they fail to list out important details about the procedures, processes, insurance and more. It is advisable to place a call and discuss all the important details before finalization. 
• Car rental business is a service oriented business. It is therefore, important to see that the company you consider is high on customer service. Delve in and see to which extent they will be taking care of the procedures and assistance. Are they keen on making things easy for you? You can gauge their customer-centricity in the first meeting. See if the representative is polite, courteous and friendly. 
• Sometimes, hefty add-on fees may burden your pocket. So, check for any extra fees charged by the company for services like drop and pick-up etc. 
• Finally, some rental companies provide the car on rent only for people above 25 years of age. 
To make your vacation a hit, choose the best car rental company.

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