39. Goals
Jimmy Nyakora

First up, you wrote something. That’s a win! The more you beat yourself up for procrastinating, the more you will procrastinate.

I have faced this (and continue to). So here’s what I do to combat an absolute lack of interest in writing:-

  1. Forgive myself for feeling bored and say it is okay to feel this way. This shortcircuits my mind and relaxes it.
  2. Then I make a list of what I need to write, and break it down into mini chunks. Sometimes really small ones.
  3. Then I promise myself I will write only one tiny chunk that day.
  4. I choose the one chunk that sounds most interesting to me at the moment — it is usually not the first one on the list — and start writing.
  5. Mostly it starts out like this — “I don’t wanna write…this is ridiculous…” etc. Then I write some nonsense about the chunk. My intention is to make myself laugh at the inanity of the whole thing.
  6. All this while I am not censoring myself. Just letting it out.
  7. Finally, the words come. I write something intelligent about my chosen chunk. No censoring.
  8. I finish it. Don’t edit it. And pat myself on my back for keeping my word.

This process always humors me to keep writing more.

39 is an awesome number! Writers block be damned. Best of luck. 😄

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