I Have Made a Decision

Here’s goes

I just made the decision to cut artificial sugar and salt out of my diet. (Well, as much as humanly possible.) I also just decided that I am writing a post on Medium every day. I imagine some will be witty, academic, or passionate. Others will probably be rushed, use a writing prompt, or just stink.

Unfortunately for you, today’s topic was just about the newest restrictions I am putting on my taste buds, but I encourage you to come back in a few months to see if I have gotten any better at storytelling. I am 15 years out of practice and when I put down the pen all those years ago, it was a messy divorce. It’s time for reconcilliation.

The truth is cutting out sugar and salt, along with writing every day, are decisions that I have made today to get to what I actually think I want — abs and to write a book. I hope neither seem superficial. It doesn’t matter. They are my dreams.

I do think they are a little short-sighted though because I wasn’t deciding to do any actual ab exercises, and I don’t have an ideas for my book yet, but…you know…baby steps.

What small or significant decisions have you made recently?

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