Learning from offline events

As an online magazine, at The Design Pot we usually interact with people thanks to the website and our social media channels. Working only online (we even don’t have a physical office but a virtual one) requires managing certain side effects, especially regarding the perception of our job from the audience. Going offline for the TFP Live event meant meeting people in person, giving them the opportunity to shake our hands and to match the magazine with the people who are actually running and developing it.

Once, in an article Luciano Floridi translated from Egon Zehnder, there was stated: “we are always onlife. There is no real separation between online and offline lives.” Although I am a digital professional, I don’t think people are intertwining both the sides of their life. There is still a clear separation, because the direct interaction is psychologically stronger than the one that happens only online.

Have you ever worked with someone that you met online? If your answer is yes, you can feel how powerful is shaking hands and laughing and taking pictures together with those people in the real life.

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