Black history month according to me.

As long as it’s still February, I can put finger to keypad and rant a little. Now, it being black history month, I’d like to say a thing or two as concerns it. From the perspective of an African. Born, bred and aiming to be buried in African soil. You see, I only came to be exposed to the concept of a black history month upon joining university for my undergraduate studies. Mind you, the only reason my university pays attention to this is because we’re an international community. That should tell you something about how irrelevant it is to my country and its men. Am I a black person? Yes I am. Have I struggled for my freedom? Yes I have. Have I lived the life of a thousand slaves and felt oppressed for eons upon eons? Yes I have.

So pardon me for saying that the celebration of black history in Africa, as it is, is shite.

You speak of Martin Luther King as if he is the sole savior of the black man. Of Rosa Parks as though she won the war for all black women on earth. Now, do not get me wrong, I greatly respect these characters in history. But that is your history. The black man and woman living in a land where you were shipped to and consequently enslaved. You still fight for your rights and they still oppress you. Hey, they’ve been doing that over here for centuries.

Difference is, you don’t get to hear about our heroes. You know, the ones who died fighting for our independence and the ones who’re still fighting. So again, pardon me if I’m not entirely excited by it being black history month. I don’t hear any of my history being spoken about, so it’s not my story. It’s no cause to celebrate. If anything, it’s cause to moan as black pride is fast becoming black bitterness and anger. At least from what I hear of you, our descendants. I shan’t speak of that, for it is another matter entirely.

So once more, forgive me if I choose to write my history in silence and remember my heroes whose names the world will never know in song. I am writing my African history. The one that you may never at all hear of.