BOE Meeting
• Who? Assistant superintendent Max Hoemmeldorfer and board members
• What? Decreased enrollment report and new dress code rules
• When? This morning
• Where? Hattiesburg Board of Education meeting
• Why? Unknown
• How? By accepting the report and passing the rules.

New dress code rules were voted in by the Hattiesburg Board of Education Monday morning, on the heels of a declining enrollment report presented by the assistant superintendent.

Faculty in a Plane Crash
• Who? Associate professor of rural sociology John Dumont and associate professor of English George Johnson, of Backwater State University
• What? Five killed in TWA jet crash
• When? Thursday night
• Where? Kennedy International Airport
• Why? Unknown
• How? Plane crashes on takeoff

Two Backwater State University faculty members escaped uninjured Thursday night from a fatal plane crash, which took place during takeoff for unknown reasons at Kennedy International Airport.

Meeman Speaks
• Who? Noted Author Norman Meeman, winner of the Pulitzer Prize
• What? Advising audience of 67 how to be a great writer
• When? 4:30 p.m Sunday
• Where? Room 111 of the William Oxley Thomson Memorial Library
• Why? Because he won the Pulitzer Prize, and in order to teach them
• How? Experience life and then pour out feelings, rather than following “hogwash” English assignments to imitate prize-winning authors.

Pulitzer Prize winner Norman Meeman criticized college English assignments as “a bunch of hogwash” for requiring students to imitate prize-winning writers and instead encouraged students to write from life experience.

Professor Wins Award
• Who? Clement Crabtree, professor of horticulture
• What? Won the George Washington Honor Medal
• When? Last week
• Where? Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
• Why? For his essay “Plan for Peace,” urging distribution of free packets of red, white and blue flower seeds in foreign nations.
• How? In a ceremony hosted by the Freedoms Foundation

A professor of horticulture was one of the winners of the George Washington Honor Medal, awarded last Friday by the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge.

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