News Writing Project II — intro information

Topic: How changes to student leadership structures will affect the students.

LU is changing their student leadership structure from prayer leaders and SLC’s to “Shepherds.” Students would care because prayer leaders directly interact with them through prayer groups on a weekly basis, and would be curious to know how this will change. Also, students applying to leadership positions for next semester would want to understand how the new system works.

It will work well for an online format. Some of the discussion of the changes is very complicated, so having a graphic would aid conciseness.

Hyperlinks would include a links to the Office of Student Leadership, Campus Pastors Office and the Center for Ministry Training.

The visual would be a graphic breaking down the new structure.

Bullet list:

  • New office of LU Shepherds, partnering with the Office of Student Leadership
  • Stephen Myers — associate director of prayer and life group leaders in OSL
  • Dr. Wheeler — executive director of LU Shepherds (also professor of evangelism and the executive director of the Center for Ministry Training)
  • Tim Griffin — Director of LU Shepherds
  • Spiritual positions: LU Shepherds (Student Shepherds and Community Leaders)
  • Residential positions: Resident Directors and Resident Assistants
  • 2 full-time staff to help student shepherds with training and administrative details
  • 8 Shepherds, 4 male and 4 female, to spiritually mentor 241 student shepherds (30 to 1 ratio)
  • Previously: RD →RA →SLC→PL→students
  • Now: RD on the same level as SLC, different functions; administrative vs spiritual
  • Main purpose: move the Campus Pastors Office closer to the students, according to Wheeler.

3 Sources:

· Kennedy (current RA)

· Dr. Wheeler (Executive director)

· Liberty Champion article

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