Beyond Boot Camp: the false narrative of the reclamation of time

It’s been a full seven days since I graduated from a sixteen-week immersive coding boot camp. I have returned to the many simple pleasures I both forgot were simple or pleasurable.
Today my laundry is clean. More notably, it is hung, folded, every sock has a literal soulmate. I walk my dog and listen to a podcast. I bake muffins, press juice, prepare a meal from scratch because — hallelujah — I went to the market and I have groceries. I practice yoga, I take a bath, I watch 2 hours of television programming that I’ve already seen.
From a…

It is the year 2017. As of this writing, all of the school-aged children in my county and those surrounding me have loaded up their pencil boxes and embarked on a new school year.

That means a young child with a birthday of August 8th is (potentially) right now, being sung “Happy Birthday” by teachers and classmates, possibly over cupcakes. This is an event I never once experienced in all of my academic days, but I did dream of it.

If you have a summer birthday you already know the pros and the cons. At age 13 it was bragging…

As you reflect back on 2016 you might say, “Wow, what a year this has been” or you might simply say, “Please stop insisting I give any more thought to 2016”.

This year has impacted us very differently. It has brought much joy into the lives of many close to me yet it has been devastating in unprecedented ways for others. I have experienced my own peaks and spent far too much time in the valleys in between.

Two-thousand-sixteen invited plenty of arguments, but it would be difficult to argue that this year hasn’t made a great impact, regardless of…

I’m not quite 36 in this picture

Solve For WHY: a Birthday Equation

Today I’m 36. I’m one year younger than Nickelodeon and one year older than MTV. I mention this because we grew up, side by side, like peers influencing each other until some of us* grew apart (*MTV). While I’m definitively Leo, generationally I’m more of a cusper. I ride the line between Gen X and Gen Y, constantly shifting from the cynicism of X to the optimism of Y. I’m like an unsolvable algebra equation.

Despite this, I’m proud of where I am. I belong to a generation who is not embarrassed about seeing

  1. Your Internet Presence
    Do you have an internet presence? You may want to rethink that. Try having less of an internet presence, in fact, try having less of a presence altogether. Maybe you should kill yourself?
  2. The Right Template
    There are literally thousands of different resume designs and templates out there, are you using the right one? How can you be sure your resume won’t be negatively judged on sight? That’s easy! Find out who is hiring for the company you are applying to, follow him or her around for a few days, paying special attention to the mechanics of the…

Allow me to preface, my divorce is my divorce. It’s not your divorce, your parent’s divorce, etc. Please understand, because I surely do, that divorces are painful and while my divorce was the best thing that ever happened to me, that is an individual experience and summation and is not meant to diminish, deride, or disparage anyone else’s marriage or dissolution of marriage.

Months into a difficult separation and impending divorce I ran into a friend I had known for many years, over the course of my marriage and prior to. We were acquaintances and at one time colleagues. I…

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