This is a quick guide on how to solve an annoying flaw in how RStudio works on Windows 10. By default, it places user-installed packages on OneDrive. Packages are code, not data, and should be installed locally, not on a network drive. It’s frustrating that they’re on OneDrive, since that depends on internet access and slows down all operations compared to a local install.

From a quick web search, it’s annoying a lot of people. However, many of the offered solutions don’t work, or are missing key steps. The solution here works with the latest release of R 4.0.


CNN’s “fact-checking” effort is remarkable. Today, they purported to fact check President Trump’s claim that our nuclear arsenal is “tired”, meaning old. They said that “experts reject that characterization of the US nuclear arsenal”.

This surprised me because I thought everyone knew that our arsenal was old, because it is old. Many of the Ohio-class subs are 30+ years old, and the land-based Minuteman III ICBMs (our only ICBMs now) are 40+ years old. We’ve done an amazing job keeping those systems operational. …

There are surprising errors in a recent New Republic article titled “Most Veterans Say America’s Wars Are a Waste. No One’s Listening to Them.”

The errors are simple and somewhat glaring. Neither the New Republic nor author Adam Weinstein have responded to two notifications of the errors. Nor have they fixed the errors, so I’m writing this quick note to document them.

The errors are in this claim about a Pew survey: “But even a majority of those GOP vets now say the wars were not worth waging.”

This claim is incorrect. The wars in question are Iraq, Afghanistan, and…

When you do a text search on Amazon, by default you’ll usually get suboptimal results. There’s an alternative, much better results page.

In this example, we’ll search for fire extinguishers. Here’s the default results page:

Notice the Fire Extinguishers section I’ve marked with an arrow on the left pane. You’ll often see this kind of thing — an official section that matches your search. What you want is that official section — it will give you the best results. But we’re not getting it yet. Let’s try clicking on it:

Marriott Courtyard in Moscow (отель means hotel in Russian)

I’m a social psychologist with a growing interest in how political ideologies compromise fact-checking. Today I’m going to review a very unusual example. There are certain epistemological structures and types of bias that recur in a lot of the fact-checking we've seen so far, but this example doesn't fit those patterns. I've not seen anything else like it.

CNN has a fact-checking effort called Reality Check. In January of 2017, they evaluated Donald Trump’s claim “I have no deals in Russia.” (Scroll down to their second fact check.)

In a 595-word treatment, CNN’s Reality Check makes the following points:

  1. Trump…

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently said that she planned to “run train on the progressive agenda”. The comment made no sense given what it means to “run train” on someone, and it was alarming given, again, what it means to run train on someone.

If you don’t know what run train means and you don’t want to be grossed out today, you should skip this column and look forward to future, non-gross columns from me…

Strangely, …

This is a quick note on altered data in Lewandowsky, Oberauer, and Gignac (2013). This was a false, garbage study published by the journal Psychological Science. Take a look at these columns below. They’re survey item responses on a 1–4 scale, from the dataset Lewandowsky posted at Bristol:

The US government recently brought a fraud case (PDF) against Monex Precious Metals. This reminded me that I’ve wanted to write this quick essay for a long time, with useful tips on how to buy precious metals as cheaply as possible. So many people overpay. It especially bothers me when the elderly get scammed or misled. Monex made investing in bullion overly complicated. I can’t speak to the fraud allegations specifically — and they were ultimately dismissed for complex legal reasons — but it’s clear that Monex customers paid too much for what they received.

In this installment, I compare…

Disqus: Logging into the Disqus homepage via Twitter does not work. Nothing happens. (The reason you would log into the Disqus homepage is to see all your comment activity and replies in one place.) Seems to work if you don’t block third-party cookies, but it works in Chrome even if you do. Commenting. Nothing happens when you click on the comment bubble at the bottom of articles. FIXED They won’t allow Edge users to save anything in their designer/editor interface. They say they only support Chrome 62+ and Safari something.

American Express Developer page: They say they…

Text rendering is broken on a small percentage of websites. They’re often major websites where you’d never expect something so basic to be broken, like,, and even our gracious host Medium. There are at least two bugs out there, and to my knowledge they’ve not been clearly identified, documented, or even given names. I’m hoping that some of you might have figured out the causes.

They might only happen on Windows, though they don’t seem to be Windows bugs. …

José Duarte, PhD

Social Psychologist and advocate for scientific validity. I research the psychology of envy. I also develop new theory and tools for methodological validity.

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