Yeah I glossed over serif fonts a bit. I’ve updated the article to be a bit clearer about this.
David Gilbertson

BTW, I think Georgia is a vastly underrated font. I also think letter spacing, line spacing, and font weight can be as influential in how nice and readable a font looks as the font itself.

On Windows, the Sitka serif font is an underexposed treasure. It’s brand new, was introduced in Win 8.1, and it’s meant for body text, not UI. In general, web devs seem surprisingly unaware of Windows fonts. For example, before they added Segoe UI to their font stack, Bootstrap was defaulting all Windows users to Arial, while they gave Mac users Helvetica or SF. That was amazing — there are so many nice sans choices on Windows, much better than Arial, like Calibri for example. But for years, they gave most users Arial.

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