Selling a Physical Product vs Selling an Affiliate Product — What’s Right for You?

One of these is to sell a product that you’ve created. The other is to sell an affiliate product.

Either of these business models very much represents the pinnacle of making money online and should be considered the top of the pyramid. Why? Because when you make money from ads you are getting paid to refer customers. These customers are worth much more to them, which is why they’re happy to pay you to send them their way.

When you sell a product of some kind though, you profit from the customer directly and you keep them on your site. This is a far preferable way to get more from each customer.

But this still leaves you with two options: making your own product or selling an affiliate product. Which is best?

Why Affiliate Marketing is so Popular

On the face of it, you might immediately think that selling a product you made is better. This way, you get to keep 100% of the profit and you get to control the product and the way you sell it much more closely.

But what’s important to remember with affiliate marketing is that you will often actually get the lion’s share of the profit anyway. 60% is actually the standard here, but sometimes it can go up to 80% or even beyond!

So in other words, this is almost as good as selling your own item in terms of profit.

But what it does is to eliminate all risk. That’s because you’re selling something that someone else created: in other words, there’s no need for you to invest time and/or money into creating a piece of software, an e-book or a course.

What’s more, there’s no risk that the product is a dud. You can simply choose something that you can already see is selling really well. And from there, you can just select something that works in your niche and go from there.

So there are no overheads and no risk and at the same time this allows you to scale the volume up considerably. You could be selling an affiliate product tomorrow if you put your mind to it. So by the end of the year, you could be selling 365 affiliate products. Can you say the same for products you created?

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