100 Ideas of Things You Can Do in Trump’s First 100 Days

Image by Kevin Mazur

Day 3 of the Trump Administration feels so far away. Remember joyfully scrolling through your newsfeed, teary-eyed at the beautiful posts about the Women’s March? Feeling hopeful, empowered, invincible?

The Day 5 body count is staggering: No more TPP, a global gag rule on abortion, start of ACA repeal, silencing employees of the EPA, green-light on Dakota Access Pipeline, federal hiring freeze, and a Press Secretary who thinks we can “sometimes disagree on the facts.”

Not. Even. One. Week.

How to survive 100 days (er, 4 years) of this nightmare? By fighting back in ways big & small. Try one or catch ’em all, to paraphrase Dr. King, if you can’t run, it’s okay to crawl.

Where to Begin? With Unapologetic Self Care

The opposition would love nothing more than for us to exhaust ourselves into the ground. Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty if you need to take a break, scale back, or slow down at any point. This sh*t is going to be stressful. Take better care of yourself than ever before because we are running a marathon.

  1. Drink a tall glass of water.
  2. Eat a piece of fruit.
  3. Move your body as you are able.
  4. Go to bed early.
  5. Meditate, pray or simply breathe deeply for a few minutes.
  6. Unplug for a little while.
  7. Get 5 minutes of sunlight.
  8. Call a loved one.
  9. Be present in the presence of good company.
  10. Visit a therapist. For low-cost treatment, inquire at the psych departments of local colleges & universities.
  11. Consider group therapy or attending support groups.
  12. Check your posture.
  13. Download apps like Mint or Acorn to help you track saving, spending, investing & debt minimization. Financial stress is still stress.
  14. Get a massage.
  15. Figure out whatever else makes you feel happy & healthy. Do that.
  16. Mark your calendar for November 8th, 2018. Plan to vote.
  17. Check here to find out how early you need to register. Mark this in your calendar as well.
  18. Pop in your zip code here to quickly discover who your Federal, State & Local representatives are.
  19. Donate $5 to one of these organizations.
  20. Find out if your employer has a gift matching program. Many do.
  21. Subscribe to one newspaper. Sweet, sweet deals here.
  22. Read NPR’s guide to identifying falsehoods in the news. Practice.
  23. Recycle.
  24. Go see Hidden Figures. Let Hollywood know we want more movies about science, women of color, & civil rights.
  25. Read Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda. Former congressional staffers write an informative & detailed manual for bringing about political change, as witnessed by the Tea Party.
  26. Donate blood.
  27. Visit a museum. Celebrate art, science & history.
  28. Learn what white privilege is. Peggy McIntosh first Unpacked the Invisible Knapsack in 1988 and it’s been a staple ever since.
  29. If you’re eager to discuss your thoughts on this , Dr. Robin DiAngelo explains Why It’s So Hard To Talk To White People About Racism.
  30. Hope break! Visit Obama.org.
  31. If you have a school-age child in your life, read Southern Poverty Law Center’s report called The Trump Effect.
  32. Read this tweet thread on how to effectively get your voice heard by your elected representative.
  33. TL;DR Call your reps. Don’t email, call. Find numbers here.
  34. Not sure what to say? The 65 will give you a weekly topic & precise script.
  35. The Countable app also makes it easy to know & understand what’s happening in Congress.
  36. Laugh as you see yourself in this McSweeney’s piece about how nothing is really going to change.
  37. See this Yale History Professor’s haunting suggested actions for when it does.
  38. Get inspiration from one of these TED talks on politics & democracy.
  39. Watch PBS.
  40. Visit SwingLeft.org to learn which district nearest you that went red or blue by a razor-thin margin.
  41. Consider signing up to phone bank or do a little door-to-door canvassing in that district next year.
  42. Eat as little beef as you can, eat as much vegetarian food as you can.
  43. Make a micro-loan on Kiva.
  44. Watch this “Intersectionality 101” keynote address by civil rights activist Kimberlé Crenshaw.
  45. Educate & arm yourself with facts so that you feel confident about engaging in constructive dialogue with people who disagree with you.
  46. Watch Press Briefings.
  47. Learn how to be a better ally to transgender people here & here.
  48. Volunteer. Get an instantly-gratifying spirit boost.
  49. Have you said any of these racial micro-aggressions before? (I sure have.) Listen for them, and if you have the privilege to do so, call people out. It will make all the difference in one person’s world.
  50. Purchase Energy Star appliances.
  51. Learn about Black Lives Matter & Campaign Zero.
  52. Watch this surprisingly great video about Disability Sensitivity brought to you by the DC Office of Disability Rights.
  53. Clear out your pantry & donate to a food bank.
  54. Consider Showing Up for Racial Justice with SURJ.
  55. Become an abortion clinic escort.
  56. Take a look at your social media feeds. How many black female activists are you following? How many non-binary or trans people? How many Muslim-Americans or indigenous people?
  57. (My answer to the above questions was “not many” until recently, s/o to the people who called me on it and told me to follow: FeministaJones, RaquelWillis, SamEscobar, Ayesha Siddiqi, Mikki Kendall, Maria Hinojosa, Tressie McMillan Cotton, Zoe Samudzi, Sydne Rain…)
  58. Take notes in meetings, mentor a woman, and 27 other actions that men can take to create a more inclusive workplace (from Catalyst).
  59. Run for office. Emily’s List & Crowdpac can help.
  60. Relish America’s beauty on a Sierra Club outing.
  61. Check in on how Trump is/not keeping his campaign promises.
  62. Sign up to get a daily action effortlessly spoonfed to you.
  63. Gift a book to a student in rural Georgia or a whiteboard to a classroom in South Carolina. Help schools with things they need most.
  64. Listen to Pod Save America (nabbed honor of Obama’s final interview as President), Still Processing, Trumpcast, or NPR’s Code Switch.
  65. Donate clothing to Goodwill.
  66. Watch this clever video that analyzes Trump’s rhetoric with exacting precision. You won’t be able to not hear it now.
  67. Affirm beliefs such as “evolution is real” and “science is important” by watching documentaries such as Cosmos & Planet Earth.
  68. Brace yourself: Lies are coming. See James Fallows’ pieces in The Atlantic describing how the media & the public are woefully unprepared.
  69. Have a chat with a young man in your life about consent. Thanks be to President Trump for giving us a great icebreaker “So, you know how on that Hollywood Access tape…”
  70. LGBT Families & friends, get to know Lambda Legal & how they can help.
  71. Check the receipts. Here’s a list of every human who endorsed Trump.
  72. Elie Weisel said “No human being is illegal.” Learn more about undocumented immigrants and why deportation can devastate our economy as much as their lives.
  73. Attend your local city council meeting.
  74. Stay woke to the GOP Agenda with this Resistance Manual.
  75. Become a Big Brother or Big Sister.
  76. Familiarize yourself with the vocabulary of advocates of racial & social justice.Then take steps to become an anti-racism ally.
  77. Put these books on hold at your local library.
  78. Visit your local library.
  79. Eagerly await Trump’s list of favorite books. (President Obama’s here)
  80. Become CPR certified.
  81. Follow journalists on twitter. (My favorites are Mara Liasson, Gregory Korte,Tamara Keith, Nate Silver, Scott Detrow, Sarah McCammon, and David Nakamura.)
  82. Go forth & meet new people.
  83. Learn about the United Nations, NATO, the WTO, the IMF, and other global organizations of which the US is presently a member.
  84. Visit the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture. (Tickets sold out through April.)
  85. Support electoral college reform possibilities.
  86. Order stuff on Amazon through smile.amazon.com and Amazon will donate .5% of the purchase price to an organization of your choice.
  87. Read the U.S. Constitution.
  88. When you upgrade to the iPhone 9 at some point in DJT’s presidency, consider donating your old cell to the National Domestic Violence Hotline.
  89. Get to know the fabulous women who organized the Women’s March.
  90. Plant a tree.
  91. If you or loved ones will be retiring in the next 4–8 years, have a contingency plan in the event of economic downturn. Learn about free service days from certified financial planners here.
  92. Watch 13th on Netflix.
  93. Volunteer at a prison.
  94. Increase your water efficiency (& other tips from the EPA).
  95. If you missed the recent march, take note of which of your friends did go. Stay in touch with them and join for the next one.
  96. Make your next vacation one of volunteerism: Work at a South African wildlife sanctuary, protect baby sea turtles in Nicaragua, or restore an American Hiking Trail.
  97. Sign a White House Petition.
  98. Be relentlessly kind. Take note of the people in your world who are in the minority (with regard to gender, race, religion, ability, sexual orientation, class, age, national origin, citizenship, cis-genderedness) and know that their lives might get disproportionately more difficult and just be kind.
  99. Call to express gratitude to the staffers of congresspeople who you see obstructing Trump & the GOP. They’ve got a long road ahead.
  100. Keep doing that thing you’ve been doing that’s not on this list. (And please tell me about it!)
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