Life, Death, and how we Live.

This is why many people only feel alive when their minds stop working aka when they have to fight, when they are taking drugs or doing some stupid things to spike their adrenaline.

They just stop thinking and do things people wouldn’t normally do, to others they seem like gods.

Of course there is something else there that we can not grasp yet. Think humans are intelligent? Look what we have created from scratch. But there are galaxies out there in a number that we have no name for.

The chance that other intelligent beings is 100%. No fucking doubt. And that there are beings out there that are smarter than us is 100% again.

Think what they can do…

Maybe we don’t own this planet and they do.

Maybe they are dead and use us as hosts.

Maybe I am Maelstrom Arganor III the 156000 year old Matriarch that survived 5 intergalactic space wars that was rewarded with a new body after his body died.

He is using my body now.

The possibilities are endless.

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