New traders will have to deal with the emotions that drive the market, greed and fear, that if left unchecked will lead to financial disasters.

We identified the top 9 mistakes that new traders make so that you won’t follow the same dreadful steps.

  1. Don’t think with their own head (blindly follow what the internet says)

The first and foremost mistake that new traders make is the main cause of all the following mistakes.

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They simply do not think with their own head.

They might have heard from a friend or read on the internet that trading crypto can make them a lot of money — with the caveat that they might have left out the part that you can also lose a lot of money. Therefore, after some research starting from Google, moving on to Reddit, then 4chan and all the way to public or private groups on Telegram or Discord, they decide to buy some crypto following the advices and opinions of the Internet.
Realize that a fair bit of online advice, even from “famous” personalities, are shills for their own investments. …

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The growth of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space has been undeniably exciting. Tech innovation and the fast paced new trading paradigm continues to attract big crowds, but this also includes a number of bad actors.

Based on Cryptonerds’ ( beautiful infographic, we want to outline some information to help the community identify and avoid scams. People are generally more aware now than in the past, but new scams are still perpetrated daily.

Types of scams

  1. Fake ICOs

In a recent study 80% of the ICOs conducted in 2017 were identified as scams. One of the most popular was Confido. In November 2017, the team raised $375,000 and disappeared shortly after. As soon as the news spread, the token price plummeted from $0.60 …

While the popularity, and widespread adoption of cryptocurrency continues to grow, dipping your toes into the world of digital currencies for the first time can be scary. An abundance of websites, misinformation and contrary opinions often does more harm than good.

Acknowledging this, we decided to put together a curated list of useful resources for everything you need to get started investing in cryptocurrencies, including fundamental and technical analysis, ICO resources, exchanges and fiat gateways, wallets and portfolio trackers. First rule of safety: Practice high link hygiene. …


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