Inside Vamonde

By: Demaris Webster


Name: Daniele Righi

Position: Intern

Daniele is our summer intern, hailing from the beach-less Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Lucky her, she’s getting some shine before the CEO. Yes, we all think of beaches when we’re thinking about Brazil, but Daniele says her hometown is more know for the bars, which isn’t a bad alternative if you as us.

Still considering herself a tourist, she loves Vamonde and not just because she’s interning with us. “Being able to be in a city not knowing anyone, but still feeling like a local is great,” says Daniele. Vamonde has over forty adventures live on the platform now that live on a pretty broad spectrum. Urban Refuge, an adventure that allows you to escape the city’s hustle and bustle, happens to be her favorite. With Chicago being one of the bigger cities she’s lived in, Urban Refuge allows her to slow down, but still discover new parts of the city.

For friends visiting from Brazil, she was able to hand select adventures that let them discover parts of Chicago beyond the typical tourist spots. Daniele mentioned that it would be great to have adventures live in Belo Horizonte because even though it’s her hometown there are still plenty of untrodden places left that she’d love to explore. This is what we hear all the time, so keep an eye out for your chance to discover!

We always want to hear from you! Slide in our DMs at and let us know your favorite adventure or one that’ll you’ll like on the app!

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